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Thread: WindowsUpdate_80070490 WindowsUpdate_dt000

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    sensfan Guest

    WindowsUpdate_80070490 WindowsUpdate_dt000

    I am having the same problem as many others. I am not able to to check for
    any updates at the moment.

    Can not find anything with the same error code as mine out there. Any help
    is appreciated

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    baseball19 Guest
    Has anyone answered you, I am having the same problem?

    I have the same solutions yet. search mrklaig1 I was given a
    solution by MS but it did not work.

    Still have not found a solution. Anyone out there have any ideas?

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    windows update error 80070490 Guest
    Hi there, just was wondering if you ever found a solution to this problem.
    I'm having the same issue and I'm having a heck of a time trying to fix it.
    I'm thinking about resetting my laptop back as if it was new. But I'm affraid
    it will still have the same issue.

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    gloawyn Guest
    I've read somewhere that a solution is to "upgrade" your vista. You do this
    by inserting your vista CD and clicking install and after some loadings click
    "upgrade" as in a first-time installation. i've not tryed it because it says
    i don't have enough free disk space (14GB only heh) but it was related to the
    same error message..

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    simon hester Guest
    I've tried all day with the suggestions published on the net. None work. I
    paid for this OS and it doesn't work.
    My solution is to get Linux.

    ...took a few minutes to find out:
    download package(s) manually and install from hard disk; reboot, ther
    you go. worked with a number of error messages upon automatic updat

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    RE: WindowsUpdate_80070490 WindowsUpdate_dt000

    den mpeno sto windows live massengr mou grafi oti to ta windows pou exo den
    ipostipizoun to programa eno prin 1 nina ta eixa

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    Re: WindowsUpdate_80070490 WindowsUpdate_dt000

    Hi there,

    Having the same error with this same update on a 2008 server x64...
    Didn't find yet how to solve it!

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    Re: WindowsUpdate_80070490 WindowsUpdate_dt000

    Quote Originally Posted by edunixa View Post
    Hi there,

    Having the same error with this same update on a 2008 server x64...
    Didn't find yet how to solve it!
    There is a way to overcome error 0x80070490 when installing updates in Server 2008. Please note that getting this error is a serious hint towards an unstable system (in my case it was caused by a faulty hard drive). While the solution steps worked fine on my system, please create and test a backup of your system before trying the below. You can easily get to the point where a complete reinstall is needed. For more information, go to this link.

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    Re: WindowsUpdate_80070490 WindowsUpdate_dt000

    Download the below tool and check once. If still the error is not fixed you might run a repair installation for the system. Some time to improper update you face the issue and this tools check the issues generated from the same. It properly monitors the update files and fixes bugs generated because of. Download the tool and run the same in your system. You need admin access to run the it.
    System Update Readiness Tool

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