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Thread: Error number: 0x80190193 While trying to update

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    Error number: 0x80190193 While trying to update

    Over the last few weeks more and more of our PCs are getting this error while
    trying to run the auto updates. What does this mean?

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    Webdawg1 Guest

    RE: Error number: 0x80190193 While trying to update

    Error 0x80190193 -2145844845 BG_E_HTTP_ERROR_403

    The client does not have sufficient access rights to the requested server
    object. Cannot execute requested URL in the current application pool IIS
    returns this error in some transient error cases too such as 403.9 --
    Forbidden: Too many clients are trying to connect to the Web server.403.15 --
    Forbidden: Client access licenses have exceeded limits on the Web server.

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    RE: Error number: 0x80190193 While trying to update

    I don't understand. All my workstations are getting this error which started
    6/30/06. We've changed nothing on our network. How do I fix the problem?

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    Webdawg1 Guest

    RE: Error number: 0x80190193 While trying to update

    Might be a CAL issue. Check the server in question and see how many CAL's you
    have listed... (I.E. - 10, 20, 30...200, 300...etc.) Sounds like you may have
    exceeded the license access limits...

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    RE: Error number: 0x80190193 While trying to update

    There are no servers. Each PC is setup to do auto updates begining at 1:00
    a.m. We've not added or deleted systems from our network. If I go to down
    load the updates individually it works, but I can't expect my users to do

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    TaurArian [MS-MVP] Guest
    Do you have the latest version of Microsoft Windows Script. For information
    about how to download the appropriate version of Windows Script 5.6 for your
    operating system, visit the following Microsoft Web site:

    Make sure that you're firewall isn't set to Script Blocking.

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    Thank you. I was hopeful when I read it, but after checking, we don't even
    have that option. It's an additional upgrade that we did not purchase. This
    is really puzzling how this could start happening. We've had the SonicWall
    for 2 years and our environment is very stable. I even checked to see if the
    SonicWall had an upgrade to the firmware which caused the problem. Nope. I
    checked our McAfee settings to make sure that it wasn't again blocking the
    ports to allow updates as it had done in the past. Again, no problem found. I
    can download and install the files individually, but again, I can't expect my
    users to do that, nor would they.

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    Donna Buenaventura Guest

    Re: Error number: 0x80190193 While trying to update

    Server busy as per :

    "Errors 0x80072EFF and 0x80190193 Network problems are preventing connection
    to the Windows Update servers. Errors 0x80072EFF and 0x80190193. This
    usually occurs when the server is busy. Please try Windows Update again
    later. In some cases, this problem is resolved by installing the latest
    version of Windows Script. You can download this from 1. Click on the link to
    Microsoft Windows Script 5.6 Download. 2. Download the appropriate package.
    3. Save Scripten.exe to your desktop. 4. After download double-click on the
    Scripten.exe program to install. Windows 2000 Windows 98 and Windows 98
    Second Edition Windows Millennium Edition"

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    Bobby Chow Guest
    below message is pop up when i try to download the script...
    Location Cannot Be Found

    We apologize for the inconvenience, but the location you are seeking cannot
    be found. If you are looking for a particular document, please try one of the
    following areas:

    please advise.

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    David Guest
    I am a lowly network admin from NH. I had the same issue though took me a
    while to notice it.. I was getting the same error message and finally fixed
    it when i turned off the blocking of ActiveX content on my Pro2040 Firewall.
    EVEN THOUGH and a few others are listed as trusted to run
    activex/java etc, it had to be unchecked in the general area. I'll attach a
    screenshot if possible since i stink at articulating.


    Found a solution that worked for me. It may be a result of an automatic patch
    to our Sonicwall Pro2040 firewall. I had ActiveX blocked except for trusted
    sites for a long time, but it picked now to block Windows Update. Adding to the trusted sites list alone did not work. I had to uncheck
    the blocking of activex across the firewall.
    attached is a pic

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    Still having the same issue. Also use a sonicwall firewall. Can you tell
    me what firmware revision you are running? I can also confirm that the
    Windows Update Agent has been consistently failing since 01/29/07. Any ideas?

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    Holodeck One Guest

    Re: Error number: 0x80190193 While trying to update

    How does this relate to a CISCO PIX 525 firewall running 7.2.2(10)?

    Not sure where or how I would block "Active X Scripting"...

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