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Thread: Error 0x80070643

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    IndyMcDuff Guest

    RE: Error 0x80070643

    In my case I'm having the error 0x80070643 but it is relating to two
    different updates that just won't install. One comes back in the error log
    Installation Failure: Windows failed to install the following update with
    error 0x80070643: Security Update for SQL Server 2005 Service Pack 2

    The other comes back :The IIS Admin service terminated with the following
    error: The data is invalid.

    and The server {A9E69610-B80D-11D0-B9B9-00A0C 922E750} did not register with
    DCOM within the required timeout.

    I too used RegCure. I have several computers but this one seems to be the
    only one with the problem. (BTW didn't renew RegCure).

    It isn't letting me install the Net Framework 3.0 either, and the reason
    this came to light is that I downloaded the new Roxio 11. In the intallation
    files, it first tries to install Net Framework 3.5, but there it sits. It
    won't go past that point. Oh, it will say that it has, but the progress bar
    says otherwise, and then when I try to install the content for the program,
    it tells me the program isn't there.

    I tried uninstalling all the net framework and update versions, and putting
    them back one at a time, but finally, in frustration, went back to an image
    of the C drive from three days prior.

    I do not have a virus or other problem as security maintenance is on a
    schedule for all of my machines, and these tasks run nightly.

    Before I put myself in a position of having to restore from image again, I'm
    wondering if anyone out there has similar issues. Yours seems to be Office
    2003. I have 2003 installed, but also 2007.

    Restoring from image takes hours as I have large hard drives and heavy on
    the graphics programs (the biggies).

    So I'll wait a bit and see if anyone has any input. Meanwhile, I'll try the
    one you have here.

    The error log is a wonderful thing, but it would be even nicer if one could
    post SnagIt's here that shows the entire panel.

    BTW, SnagIt is one program I'd NEVER be without. I don't even mind when
    they periodically make you buy it over again because it is one well-thought
    out program that is invaluable. It's from TechSmith if anyone wants to look
    at it. I've had every version and can't say enough good about it.

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    JB Guest

    Re: Error 0x80070643

    THANKS so much for the hint...

    I backed up the registry and it solved the problem that was buggin me since
    2 months...

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