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Thread: KB898461 consistently fails to install

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    Malc Guest

    KB898461 consistently fails to install

    I'm trying to update a Win XP SP2 installation but since KB898461
    failed to install, all subsequent updates have also failed (898461 was
    the new update installer). The installation is now 6 months out of

    I've tried downloading the patch and running it locally but it fails
    with a MessageBox ("The system cannot find the file specified"). I
    don't know which file can't be found; my analysis of the log file is
    that several aspects of the installation may have failed.

    Can you help? I've tried setting Windows\CurrentVersion\Setup\LogLevel
    to 0x80006060 but I think it didn't add any detail to the log file.
    I've tried emptying the DataStore and Download subdirectories in
    SoftwareDistribution but it didn't help; neither did running the patch
    in safe mode.

    Here's a typical log file.

    1.641: 2005/12/26 16:51:58.715 (local)
    1.641: c:\355571f7444f803dcd5cbb7c9951\update\update.exe (version
    1.656: Hotfix started with following command line: /log:c:\temp\log.txt

    103.766: In Function TestVolatileFlag, line 11660, RegOpenKeyEx failed
    with error 0x2
    103.766: In Function TestVolatileFlag, line 11692, RegOpenKeyEx failed
    with error 0x2
    103.766: DoInstallation: CleanPFR failed: 0x2
    103.812: SetProductTypes: InfProductBuildType=BuildType.IC
    103.812: SetAltOsLoaderPath: No section uses DirId 65701; done.
    103.875: DoInstallation: FetchSourceURL for
    c:\355571f7444f803dcd5cbb7c9951\update\update_SP2GDR.inf failed
    103.875: CreateUninstall = 1,Directory =
    103.875: LoadFileQueues: UpdSpGetSourceFileLocation for halaacpi.dll
    failed: 0xe0000102
    103.875: LoadFileQueues: QueueMigrationStageFiles failed: 0x00000003
    103.875: InventoryThread: LoadFileQueues failed with error: 0x3
    103.875: Inventory complete: ReturnStatus=3, 0 ticks
    103.875: Num Ticks for invent : 0
    103.937: The system cannot find the path specified.
    115.672: Message displayed to the user: The system cannot find the path
    115.672: User Input: OK
    115.672: KB898461 installation did not complete.
    117.531: Message displayed to the user: KB898461 installation did not
    117.531: User Input: OK
    117.531: Update.exe extended error code = 0x3
    117.531: Update.exe return code was masked to 0x643 for MSI custom
    action compliance.

    Curiously, KB886185 has failed with similar errors since December

    Thanks in advance for any help,

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    MowGreen [MVP] Guest

    Re: KB898461 consistently fails to install


    Try this - go to Start, Run, type in

    netstop wuauserv

    Click OK.
    Navigate to the WINDOWS\Software Distribution folder. Rename the
    Software Distribution folder to SoftwareDistribution.old .

    Go back to Start, Run, type in

    netstart wuauserv

    Click OK. Now try Windows Update. If the system can successfully update
    then you can delete the SoftwareDistribution.old folder afterwards.

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    MowGreen [MVP] Guest

    Re: KB898461 consistently fails to install


    Go to Start, Run, type in

    net stop wuauserv

    Click OK

    To start the Automatic Update service after renaming the Software
    Distribution folder

    Go to Start, Run, type in

    net start wuauserv

    Click OK

    Sorry about that.

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    Malc Guest

    Re: KB898461 consistently fails to install

    Thanks MowGreen, it's encouraging to know that I'm not alone
    in here! But luckily, I've already solved the problem!

    The problem was that previous updates to Windows Installer 3.1
    (KB893803 and KB893803v2) had failed, despite reporting success.

    After I removed them both (using Control Panel, Add/Remove
    Programs, Windows Installer 3.1, reboot, repeat), I was able to
    install all my missing updates, including KB893803v2, which
    really was successful this time!

    In case it helps anyone else, here's what I've learned during my
    visit to WindowsUpdateLand:

    1. Read about, install, and run Microsoft's QfeCheck tool, which
    verifies that previous updates have been successfully installed:

    This is how I discovered that the Windows Installer 3.1 patches
    had failed.

    2. Lines in the log files (e.g. c:\windows\kb898461.log) use the
    word 'fail' even when everything is OK. I imagine that the code
    fails to find a file or a registry value but then takes some
    alternative (and acceptable) course of action.

    Specifically, the following lines do NOT indicate total failure,
    because they also appear in the successful log file:

    In Function TestVolatileFlag, line 11660, RegOpenKeyEx failed with
    error 0x2
    In Function TestVolatileFlag, line 11692, RegOpenKeyEx failed with
    error 0x2
    DoInstallation: CleanPFR failed: 0x2
    DoInstallation: FetchSourceURL for c:\blah\update\update_SP2GDR.inf
    LoadFileQueues: UpdSpGetSourceFileLocation for halaacpi.dll failed:

    3. An update file such as WindowsXP-KB898461-x86-ENU.exe creates
    a directory such as c:\fffd12345678abcdef and extracts the update
    files to it. One such file, update.exe is run automatically. At
    the end of the update, the temporary files are removed. If you
    find yourself repeatedly trying to install an update, you can
    capture (zip) the temporary files while the End-User License
    Agreement screen is waiting for your input. You can then unzip
    and run update.exe directly. It's even quicker if you specify
    /AcceptEulaNoPrompt and /DefaultWelcomeNoPrompt.

    4. Update.exe reads values from
    One of them is LogLevel, which controls the detail of debug output
    in the log file. However, update.exe doesn't look for this registry
    key at the very start of execution, so it might not help you debug.
    To find out if it's before or after a suspect line in the log file,
    rename the registry key to e.g. OldSetup, then re-run update.exe.
    Somewhere in the log file, you'll see this line:
    Failed to open the Setup Key 0x2


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    MowGreen Guest
    Did you ever get a solution to this problem? We're having the same
    difficulties on a new XP-home system, and would appreciate any help you can

    Very annoying since it is blocking 50+ systems from current updates!

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    James Guest

    Re: KB898461 consistently fails to install


    i'm having the same problem, but Malc's solution did not work for me. I've
    tried MowGreen's solution as well to no avail. Please help!

    One thing I found peculiar was that when I downloaded the re-distributable
    update, and tried to install it, it kept giving me a "Setup was cancelled"
    message box, which is congruent with what the MS Update History says... the
    only thing is, that I never cancelled it. I was able to install Windows
    Installer 3.1 and the Windows Genuine Advantage Validation tool prior to this
    update, but it seems that you need this particular update before being able
    to download and install any further updates.

    Please advise ASAP.

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    Gerhard Guest

    Re: KB898461 consistently fails to install

    Unfortunately, we did not come up with a satisfactory solution to this. I
    took the computer back to the OEM who built it, and he also struck out. In
    the end, I re-installed Windows on it (which required re-installing
    everything else, too), and everything seems OK now.

    Luckily for us, the computer was fairly new, without too much
    installed/stored on it as yet, so the rebuild was an evening's work.

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    Wolverine Guest
    Hi All,

    I don't know if your problem was solved but I didn't see anybody indicating
    and hence am posting the solution here. I don't know why Microsoft doesn't
    post such an easy solution and I really hope the guy who had to reinstall
    would not have to do it.

    Anyways, the problem is with some dlls which are not properly reigstered in
    the registry.

    Anyways, here is the fix. Hope this helps you all who has the problem and
    you just don’t have to reinstall XP to fix some registry errors. The solution
    works 100%.


    To fix the .dll issue, you will need to re-register a couple of .dll files.
    To do this, follow these easy steps:

    Run the command prompt by clicking on the Start Menu and selecting Run. Type
    "cmd" and hit Enter.

    In the new window that came up, type each of the following commands, hitting
    enter after each one:


    Windows update should now behave normally.

    Or see

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    d347h3rd Guest
    This unfortunately didn't work for me! I just reloaded windows and am stuck
    on this update and it's driving my
    nuts. Any reason you that you know why it won't work for me?

    I tried your fix and all of them worked okay except for the REGSVR32
    WUAUENG1.DLL. It keeps telling me that it failed because the dll does not
    exist. Do you have any idea how to fix this problem? I have tried several
    different solutions and even reinstalled XP Pro a few times. Nothing seems
    to help and I am pulling my hair out at this point. It's preventing several
    critical updates from coming through and it seems to be interfering with
    other software downloads as well.

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    Robert Aldwinckle Guest

    Re: KB898461 consistently fails to install

    Please report the exact symptoms you see and not your interpretations
    of them.

    It will depend on what you are really seeing.
    Check to see if there is a wuaueng1.dll module
    If it's there then the message you are getting means
    that one of the depedendent modules of that modules
    is either missing or not accessible.

    If necessary you could use DependencyWalker with its profiler
    command to re-execute that regsvr32.exe command.
    Then you could see in its trace exactly which module the message
    your are getting is referring to.

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    fedupwithmicrosoft Guest
    this worked - of course I have tried 6 other ways
    before I found this one. I even called the Geek Squad since they just
    recently had to reload my system - they didn't know how to fix it either!! I
    had 26 other updates that could not complete because of this one. again,
    thank you so much -hopes this works for everyone - and the instructions are
    great as I'm not a very experienced user!!!

    It seems to me that you do not have that dll in your system32 folder. Try
    googling for it and download one from the web and try running the command
    again. If it gives some other dll missing error, just keep on putting the
    relevant dlls in the system32 folder and I don't see why it should not work.

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    MowGreen Guest

    Re: KB898461 consistently fails to install

    Bad idea ! Why not just install the Windows Update Agent from the link
    on this MSKB and obtain all of the .dlls from a 'Trusted' Source ?

    How to obtain the latest version of the Windows Update Agent to help
    manage updates on a computer

    To replace wuaueng1.dll, either use the copy in
    WINDOWS\System32\dllcache or in, leat preferred,

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    Amarjit Singh Guest

    Re: KB898461 consistently fails to install

    Five years on and this solutions still works, many thanks.

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    Join Date
    Jul 2011

    Re: KB898461 consistently fails to install

    KB898461 consistently fails to install, updates wont work simply update Windows Installer 3.1 to Windows Installer 4.5 it is available here all your updates will be fixed upon reboot , bigbullet

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