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Thread: Update KB967715

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    Lori B Guest

    Update KB967715

    Why am I receiving a notice almost daily to install the same update KB967715?

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    pilotjp Guest

    RE: Update KB967715

    I am getting the same thing. I found something off google that helped me to
    reset it so that I don't get the shield in the system tray anymore, but it
    still says I need that update as a critical update. Help us!

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    darbfred Guest

    RE: Update KB967715

    I never did get the shield in the system tray. I only get the shield when I
    select start>turn off computer. The thing has supposedly installed several

    I took someon else's advice this morning and did a file search and deleted
    them all. I'm not going to reinstall it until a resolution is posted here on
    this forum. This is really getting frustrating.

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    Susan Bradley Guest
    I am deeply sorry. I know that Microsoft is working on a detection fix
    but I don't know when the resolution will be. If you can hang loose
    until later this week? Please?

    Did I that correctly? Microsoft is working on a resolution to this?

    Glad to hear it because there are so many suggestions and nothing seems to
    be working. I just hope that in my case being unfortunate enough to have
    upgraded to SP3 from SP2 later the same day that I put in this wicked update
    not yet knowing all of the issues it was causing is not going to hurt me.

    On top of all else can you believe this is the only time ever in my entire
    life of owning a computer that I installed a Windows update before it was
    out for at least 10 days and I get burned.

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    Rick C. Guest
    I am having the same problem. Hanging loose until you fix the detection fix.

    The problem was finally
    solved by doing the following steps:
    1. Go to the Add/Delete Program files and delete KB967715
    2. Go to the Microsoft Download Web site at
    3. Download KB950582 and save it to the Desktop
    4. Restart computer
    5. Double click the downloaded file KB950582 to install it
    6. Restart computer
    7. This should solve the problem

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    KW Guest
    What is wrong with KB967715? Printing is not allowed until reboot and delays
    reboot. Internet speed has gone from 100mbps to dial up speed. I have
    deleted it until resolved but since the initial download on the date I
    received live update notice, it tries to reload and install again and again
    every time I start or reboot the computer.

    This update is not working properly and should be fixed and reissued.

    I'm having no problem with my printer but my windows automatic update has
    installed this KB967715 about eight times. I was becoming annoyed with the
    daily updates and finally checked the history to see what all the updates
    were. The same thing each time. What gives with this. I'm being reminded
    to install it yet again. Could it be a virus? Something that got past my
    virus scan? It has happened before.

    I have had a similar problem with my Dell xps M140. Starting on 2/24/09
    until today (3/4/09) KB967715 has intalled 16 times. During this period,
    there have been no other updates installed. My wife is having the same
    problem with her HP and so is my Dell desktop computer. Each installation
    appears to be completed, but at the next shut-down, the installation is

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    endeavor Guest

    Update KB967715

    I have an HP m7480n computer 3.0GHz, 2.00 GB RAM expandable to 4.00 GB and
    280 GB of hard drive , NVIDIA GeForce 7300 LE video card etc ....
    I bought it about 2 years ago and since then I had quite a few problem. Last
    fall the manufacture had to replace the mother board and power supply , I had
    to format the drive in January because of a virus and two days ago I had to
    do the same
    again .... talk about bad luck ... lol .
    I have done all the update that needs to be done from HP and Microsoft and
    my system is working fine now except for one issue ... there is an update
    that does not want to install itself and keep coming back 3 to 4 time a day .
    I have install that update 11 time since yesterday and it still reappear as
    if it was never install .
    The update is a Window XP update ( KB967715 ) .
    Please help me . What can i do ?

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    Louise Guest
    I have two almost identical XPSP3 computers. On one the
    install of update kb967715 installed ok - on the other it did not and
    shows the same problem being reported throughout this newsgroup.

    The method you reference, makes sure that the registry key:
    HonorAutoRunSetting is set. However, in my computer where the install
    was successful, A SECOND REGISTRY KEY was also set. That key is:
    NoDriveAutoRun. The reference you mentioned only assures that ONE
    registry key is set. Comments?

    I'm not sure what you mean by "register". I have started a
    thread of my own on the subject - and have provided log files to
    Susan Bradly on the subject - as well as answer several questions from
    her. I was just trying to contribute what I have learned to the

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    MowGreen [MVP] Guest

    Re: Update KB967715

    NoDriveAutoRun is a Default OS setting. It's presence has nothing to do
    with the update's registry subkey being set. However,
    HonorAutoRunSetting, the subkey set by KB967715, insures that
    NoDriveAutoRun is the actual setting used by Autoplay:

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    Louise Guest
    It appears I jumped to the
    conclusion that KB967715 set BOTH keys: HonorAutoRunSetting and
    NoDriveTypeAutoRun. I did that because after 997615 installed
    correctly on one of my computers I noticed both keys were set.

    However on my computer where 967715 failed, NEITHER key was set.
    If NoDriveTypeAutorun was not present, could THAT perhaps somehow be
    contributing to the update failing?

    In the computer I have for which kb967715 succeeded,
    the NoDriveTypeAutoRun key is set where you say it should be but it is
    ALSO set in the registry path (or hive) where HonorAutorunSetting is
    set. Why do I have the NoDriveTypeAutoRun setting in two places?

    In the computer I have where kb967715 fails, I do have the
    NoDriveTypeAutoRun key set in the registry path you state in your
    message. The other key, HonorAutoRunSetting, does not get set. I
    have downloaded the update from the downloadcenter and run it - but
    not in safe mode. At your suggestion, I will try that and report back
    the results.

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    Pussy2 Guest

    Re: Update KB967715

    I have had a problem with
    for nearly a week. I cannot install KB967715 either. Has anyone come up with
    an answer us lay people can understand or shall I wait for Microsoft to issue
    a repair as obviously a lot of people suffer the same problem and they are
    obviously aware of the problem

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    PA Bear [MS MVP] Guest
    It's been nearly a month since your "later this week" suggestion. Is there
    ANYTHING that can be done to fix this stupid problem? I'm tired of being
    asked to install this update every single day.

    Tip: Install manually then "hide"
    KB967715 & fuhgeddaboutit.

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