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Thread: KB967715 failed

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    Nichole Guest

    KB967715 failed

    I ran microsoft update today and all the updates worked except KB67715. I
    tried to do both the express and custom update and both failed.

    Download size (total): 960 KB
    Estimated time at your connection speed: 1 minute
    Restore and Check Again Only selected updates will appear the next time you
    check for updates.
    High-priority updates
    Microsoft Windows XP
    Update for Windows XP (KB967715)
    Typical download size: 960 KB , 1 minute
    Install this update to resolve an issue in which AutoRun features were not
    correctly disabled. After you install this item, you may have to restart your
    computer. Details...

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    TaurArian Guest
    Hi there, could you please check the windowsupdate.log file for the entry
    where the update fails.

    Just checking, what Windows Version including SP level and what Antivirus
    software are you running.

    How to read the WindowsUpdate.log file

    Open the log and scroll to the very bottom. Now start scrolling upwards and
    see if there's an error (number) associated with one or more of the failed

    Why and when did you install Max Secure Spyware Detector? Have you
    purchased it? [Simply closing Max Secure Spyware Detector may not be
    disabling its "real-time protection" component(s).]

    Please do NOT use System Restore in an attempt to resolve this problem.

    -> Try uninstalling the update from the add/remove program.
    -> Download the update from and save on the desktop.
    -> Now, boot up in safemode and run the update then restart your pc

    Email me if this resolves the issue.

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    Nichole Guest
    Hello I do not know what windsowsupdate.log file is, but I use Windows XP SP
    3 with internet explorer 8 and I use AVG FREE version 8. I restarted my
    computer and then the update worked. Not sure why that happened though.

    I'm having a different kind of problem with Update KB967715: It has now
    installed itself THIRTEEN TIMES in my system and I've got anothr
    reminder/alert sitting there that I am trying to ignore. The trouble with
    Microsoft is there is no direct way of contacting their Support without
    paying silly money.
    Does anyone know of a way of stopping this update?

    Just to complicate things more, "my" Windows Update site has told me that ALL
    of my (or the automatic) attempts to install this have been successful! My
    KB....log says "no" most of the time (one time it didn't flag a problem.) But
    in all cases, the notification shield comes back...eventually. On my PC and a

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    PA Bear [MS MVP] Guest

    Re: KB967715 failed

    Please state your full Windows version (e.g., WinXP SP3; Vista SP1) when
    posting to this newsgroup.

    Have you recently had occasion to reinstall Windows, be it a Repair Install
    or a format & clean install?

    Did attempt to install KB967715 manually or via Windows (or Automatic)

    Have you rebooted? Have you been prompted to reboot?

    What anti-virus application or security suite is installed and is your
    subscription current? What anti-spyware applications (other than Defender)?
    What third-party firewall (if any)?

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    whathisname Guest

    OS: Win XP2
    Spyware: Max Secure Spyware Detector
    Virus/Firewall: Macafee Security Centre (subscription is current) (Windows
    Firewall is off.)

    I haven't reinstalled windows.

    On each of the first 3 KB967715 installation attempts, I did not reboot,
    since I was not asked to do so.

    I thought I had a solution, BTW (which I tried to post yesterday, but it
    seems not to have appeared). My "solution:

    I exited from Spyware Det. and turned off Macafee Virus and Spyware (but not

    The KB967715.log on this fourth attempt did not record "installation did not
    complete", but the first 3 (and one auto attempt this a.m.) say "did not

    After what I thought was a successful install, the shield disappeared (even
    when PC was rebooted a couple of times yesterday, but there it is again this

    I installed the fourth time from the Windows Update site (although it told
    me that the KB file was on my PC, ready for installation.)

    Should I do a system restore to a point prior to this update appearing, and
    try exiting Spyware and Macafee again?

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    Ohno Guest

    Re: KB967715 failed

    I have another thread going with this same issue.

    One thing I did notice in my situtation which you did not mention is the
    file is not getting redownloaded but it is not going away either.

    Right after you do the install it says successfull but if you reboot and go
    right to the windows update site manually and scan for updates you will see
    it listed as already downloaded. It does not seem to clear after the

    I also noticed this on another machine someone else has that is exactly like

    Yours does not happen to be a Lenove Laptop by any chance?

    If so maybe it has something to do with that.

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    Ultraclassic Guest

    Re: KB967715 failed

    I have a Dell Dimension 3100. It uses WINXP Home with SP3. About one
    week ago, I noticed that when I shut the computer off, it would
    install an update.(KB967715) It did it over and over again for the
    past week. I notice that when I check on the update at the Microsoft
    update site, it shows that this update has (0) zero kb. I've also
    looked at it when it tries to download from the automatic update box
    at the lower right of the toolbar and from that point, it shows 3mb.

    I wrote an email to Microsoft last week and never heard back.
    Apparently it's a bug that they haven't fixed. I've now shut down the
    automatic update feature so that I don't have to deal with it when I
    shut the computer off. I can still update other items as needed by
    checking now and then.

    The odd thing is that I have a Dell Vostro 1000 in another room that
    got the update and loaded it and it went through first time with no
    problem. It's also WINXP, Home, SP3.0.

    Both computers are otherwise working welll and no changes have been
    made to them for more than a year. I'm on Frontier with their anti-
    virus software and I get no spam, popups or virus attacks whatsoever.

    I wonder what Microsoft says about this. It's a well-known issue since
    Googling it will get a lot of responses, mostly about the failures and

    I only lurk here but i'll watch to see if anyone has an answer. It's
    definitely annoying.

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    Ultraclassic Guest

    Re: KB967715 failed

    I thought I would report back about the KB961775 update. As I
    mentioned in my earlier post, I had been offered this update several
    times and attempted to load it with no results. Since it didn't work,
    I had turned off the automatic update and had chosen to ignore the
    update for the time being.

    This did not get rid of the annoying popup box at the lower right of
    the screen which told me that an update was available. Finally in
    frustration, I decided to see it it would update properly. It finally
    loaded and now there are no more messages so I turned automatic
    updates back on.

    I took the time to examine my update log from the Microsoft Update
    site and I counted 16 failed attempts in the past week and a half.

    I have absolutely no idea why it worked this time. Maybe Microsoft
    decided to fix it. Who knows? Tehr ewas still no response to my email
    form last time so I guess they aren't moved.

    I'll go back to lurking again. Good luck to all on this issue.

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    Ultraclassic Guest

    Re: KB967715 failed

    Well, it looks like I spoke too soon. After being able to shut the
    computer off several times with no update, it's now telling me that
    the KB967715 has been downloaded and ready for installation, again. I
    went ahead and installed it again but I notice that it doesn't show up
    in the Add-Remove Program section of Control Panel.

    It must be a very important security update inasmuch as Microsoft
    wants up to update with it every time we use the computer, over and
    over again.

    I guess I give up.

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