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Thread: MS Update and "Works8.msi"

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    Sterling Guest

    MS Update and "Works8.msi"


    I just did an update to my Windows XP SP3 (Media Center Edition) machine.
    All updates (17) installed w/out a glitch except for one: a Works 8 update --

    "The feature are are trying to use is on a network resource that is
    unavailable" ... "Enter an alternate path to a folder containing the
    installation package Works8.msi".

    I have the Works 8 DVD but when I insert it, as I have done before for Works
    8 updates, nothing happens. I've already tried 3 times to install the update
    but it keeps failing.


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    MowGreen [MVP] Guest

    Re: MS Update and "Works8.msi"

    Browse the DVD [ or is it a CD? ] to see if Works8.msi is on it.
    If you find it, copy it to the MSOCache folder on the root drive.
    That's the drive where Windows is installed to, usually, C:\
    Then try to install the update again and use Browse to point the
    installer to Works8.msi in the MSOCache folder.

    Or, using Internet Explorer, see if the update will install here:
    ( If you're in a different location than the US, click the (change) link
    at the top right of the page and set it to your locality )

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    Sterling Guest
    I'm afraid I wasn't able to find either the Works8.msi or MSOCache folder. I tried searching both items and Windows didn't find either. I went to the
    Office Update site you linked me to and it says that there weren't able
    updates available.

    But I think I have good news! I was able to find the update on
    (link below).

    I downloaded the file -- --, ran it, rebooted and once I
    was back on the desktop, I got a balloon informing me that there was an
    update ready. I installed it, went to MS Update and the update that was
    giving an issue now appears as a successful update.

    Yeah. I have Automatic Updates enabled but not once that I can remember has
    it pushed out any updates except for unexpected updates, such as the one for
    Windows Live Photo Gallery. Almost all updates that have been installed on my
    machine have been done so by going to MS Update.

    I think I'm going to look into downloading the updates via MS Download Center.

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    MowGreen [MVP] Guest

    Re: MS Update and "Works8.msi"

    You're mowst welcome, Sterling. Glad to hear that you located the update
    in the MS Download Center and that it installed properly.
    BTW, that's where I grab the updates when they come out on Patch
    Tuesday, too. It's faster than waiting for them to come down
    automagically when one is stuck in a queue of who knows how many other

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    Anton Lebedev Guest

    Re: MS Update and "Works8.msi"

    Thank you very much, Sterling. The procdure which you have described
    (download installer via provided link, then runn it and then run update)
    helped also in my case. The only difference was that I have used the
    different language version =)

    Have a nice day!

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    tete Guest

    Re: MS Update and "Works8.msi"

    hi sterling,thank you very much when you shared link...i entered and
    installed that and i didn't receive "Error Message".....i hope that we can
    share a lot of link for computer or updates.....thanks again...take care....

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    Upstate SC_L Guest

    Re: MS Update and "Works8.msi"

    Sterling, thank you so much for posting your solution!! Worked for me
    also:-) Been going round and round with this update all morning.

    I'm afraid I wasn't able to find either the Works8.msi or MSOCache folder. I
    tried searching both items and Windows didn't find either. I went to the
    Office Update site you linked me to and it says that there weren't able
    updates available.

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    Sterling Guest
    Hi Anton, jabo, tete and JB,

    Glad my suggestion was able to fix the issue you were having with the Works
    8 update.

    The reason why I suggested to download the file to your desktop is because
    you'll more easily know/remember where you download the file to.

    Once you've downloaded the .cab file from, double-click the
    icon on your desktop, a windows will open with a file in it, double-click
    that icon and select Extract (to Desktop). Once the extraction has finished,
    close the window and double-click the new icon on your desktop -- this icon
    (file) is the one you extracted from the .cab download. When you double-click
    the icon, the update will install.

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    Graceful/Graceless Guest
    Upstate, I went to that link that you and Sterling used successfully. When I downloaded that file and right-clicked it, the file never "ran". I.e., when
    I click on OPen, it offers me only "Extract" How do you "run it" before
    returning to Windows Update? Whenever I return to Update, it reports that
    the KB955428 hs been downloaded and ;prompts me to install. When I do, it
    still aborts withthat bit about "insert CD"...etc. ?
    What am I doing wrong when I go to your offered link, downloAD the KB file
    to my desktop, but am unable to "run it" as I do every other download

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    Join Date
    Jan 2004

    Re: MS Update and "Works8.msi"

    Just right-click and select "Extract" or double-click it, then apply the
    subsequent unzipped file byt either double-clicking it or right-clicking and
    selecting Apply.

    That's the 3rd place in this thread I've posted this. Hopefully you'll see
    one of them.

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    Air Tong-ngam-tae Guest
    Thank you every one for information,but I Have a problem. That is I can'T download File because when I click download link Below appear

    but I Find Address not Found. or Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage.

    I don't know how it be. Maybe I'm in Thailand so it can't download.

    someone please help me (Send that file to me)

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    Rural Guy Guest
    I don't have Works8.msi. I have Works 7. I done the steps and the programs
    knows I don't have works 8. So I am puzzled as to why the update keeps
    coming at me? I get the following comment when I click apply.

    " The upgrade patch cannot be installed by the Windows Installer service
    because the program to be upgrade may be missing, or the upgrade patch may
    update a different version of the prgram. Verify that the program to be
    upgrade exists on your computer and that you have the correct upgrade patch"

    I have the disk for 7 but not Works 8, therefore why is the automatic update
    trying to update Works8.msi? Having problems with updating XP service pack
    3 also, perhaps this has something to do with it? What do you think?

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    InNeedofHELP Guest

    Re: MS Update and "Works8.msi"

    SOLVED. Issues around upgrading Works 9 to Office Suites (including
    Professional, Small Biz) still exist. Solved by spending $45 to purchase a
    Works 9 package at local computer store. Downloaded patch from MS . Installed new Office Suite

    I had been running into 2 key problems with the MS "fix" download:
    1) Insisted on having a physical disk for a .msi file. Didn't have because
    Works was OEM and could not locate the file on recovery disks.
    2) During upgrade, kept getting MS error message that Works 9 is an
    ineligible program for the upgrade even though it clearly states that Works 9
    is eligible on the Suite box!

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    Howard31 Guest

    Re: MS Update and "Works8.msi"

    Hi Sterling!

    I know its now a year after you started this thread, but I want to thank
    you! As it helped me too. In my case it was a problem with an update for
    Works 8 (KB973636) which the automated updates couldn't install.

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