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Thread: cant setup my xbox 360 to my vista media center

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    cant setup my xbox 360 to my vista media center

    i have a windows vista and when i try to connect my 360 as and extender it cant find it i have tried for a couple months i have no clue what to do can anyone help me please

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    ThumbsUp Setup Xbox 360 to Windows Vista Media Center

    Here is the following Steps to Setup Xbox 360 to Windows Vista Media Center

    1. Turn on your Windows Media Center computer and log on to Windows. Verify that your computer is connected to your home network.
    2. Turn on your Xbox 360 and verify that it is connected to your home network.
    3. In Windows Media Center, on the start screen, scroll to Tasks, and then click add extender.
    4. On the Welcome to Windows Media Center Extender Setup screen in Windows Media Center, click Next.
    5. Press the Green Start button on your Xbox 360 remote control or use your Xbox 360 controller to select the media blade.
    6. On your Xbox 360, select Media Center.
    7. On your Xbox 360, follow the instructions on the screen to obtain an 8-digit Windows Media Center Setup Key.
    8. On the Enter the Setup Key screen in Windows Media Center enter the 8-digit setup key that displays on Xbox 360, and then click Next.
    9. Follow the steps in Extender Setup.
    10. After Extender Setup has finished, in Windows Media Center, click Finish.

    On the computer/laptop that is connected to Xbox 360, the Windows Media Center user interface should appear. A new user account named mcx1 (by default) is automatically created to use the Extender.

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    go into the network and sharing center.

    Check your workgroup is set as a "private network" and turn on media sharing.

    If its set as a "public network" it could be your problem.

    360 media center extender, will only play wmv , divx and others will freeze the system, before the last xbox dash update they would just give an error, but Microsoft must have decided a system lockup was better punishment for people trying the play anything other than WMV

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    If you made changes to your computer or media center, the best bet is to reconfigure the extender. On media center, click tasks, settings, extender, click the 360 media center extender, and then click reconfigure. It will ask for the 8 digit number again. Start the media center on the 360 and go through the process until you get that number again. I had to reconfigure once when I changed my network setup. My 360 would not connect until I did.

    If there is no 360 media extender listed under extender (as described above), then go to tasks on media center on PC, and then 'add extender'. Follow the prompts. best of luck to you.

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