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Thread: after the windows loading screen I get a blue screen of death with the error message "BAD_POOL_CALLER"

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    after the windows loading screen I get a blue screen of death with the error message "BAD_POOL_CALLER"

    I have a Dell Dimension E521 , that I added a RADEON 9600 XT later on.

    WHEN i started playing DOOM 3 my computer froze. not being panicking i restated it again. after the windows load i get the most painful error "BAD_POOL_CALLER" a blue screen death

    however i was able to boot it in safe mod then i didn't know what to do. then i tried a system restore but it didn't work . My friend suggest me it could be a driver conflict. then i tried to uninstall my video card driver, then reinstall.
    when i was installing my video card i got a error that im missing INF files .

    The last prediction is like this, I need to get a new computer,,,, what im i taking i dont have this much money to take a new computer
    i already put 6

    i need your advice on this please guys help
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    what kind of erroe are you geting from your computer .Please give exact error you are receiving. if your pc boots fast then start pressing pause key as soon as you see POST screen . This actually sounds like a incompatible driver related to your Radeon card. Have a look here
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    Blue Screen of death

    One of the most frequent cause of blue screens is hardware failure and more importantly ram failures . I woul advise you to change ur RAM . That should fix the problem for sure..


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