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Thread: Windows Media Player Won't Play AVI files - Not a CODEC Problem

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    idea Windows Media Player Won't Play AVI files - Not a CODEC Problem

    Hello. First post. I've looked through the countless number of threads for an issue like mine and can find none.

    I've got a quite a few DiVx-encoded avi files on the hard drive. I have always played them with the windows media player (ver. 11) with no problems.

    I don't know what really happened bu, recently, I installed CucuSoft Video converting software which I later uninstalled. After the uninstall, I can no longer play AVI files. I can play wmv & mpeg video files just fine (as well as audio files). But for some reason, AVIs won't play.

    I thought maybe I just need to reinstall the codecs, so I went to the DivX website, downloaded it, and reinstalled it. Nothing.

    It should be interesting to note that the AVI files will play using the DiVx player.

    Here's the error I get "Windows Media Player has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience."

    When I took a look to see what data this error report contains, I got:

    AppName: wmplayer.exe
    AppVer: 11.0.5721.5145
    ModName: unknown
    Offset: 00000000

    Thanks to all for the read (and help)!

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    Well, it could easily be a codec problem, although I do understand your logic. But there are codecs and there are codecs.

    When .avi files don't work, it is very likely to be that the appropriate codecs aren't on your system. Your uninstall probably removed some you needed.

    The easiest, quickest way by far to deal with this is to install the full package of codecs WITH THE PLAYER that you can get as freeware at .
    So go there and download (all in one package) the FULL version which comprises
    — K-Lite Codec 3.4.5 Full, including
    — Media Player Classic
    and set the Media Player to associate by default with your .avi files.

    I'll bet you find your .avis are playing just fine again.

    After that, however, the choice is yours as to whether you keep the Media Player Classic or even whether you want to trim things down to a leaner, meaner codec package from K-Lite. Codec proliferation on a system is something some people meticulously avoid, although I think you can trust K-Lite with no worries. Actually, the download I'm suggesting is a good little package to add into your DVDs which contain .avis. If you play them at a friend's place, you have the codecs conveniently stored on the same DVD.

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    Well, whaddya know. It WAS a codec problem.

    Thanks for the help, Grongle. It was driving me nuts!

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