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Thread: System back loud noise while exporting video from Movie Maker

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    System back loud noise while exporting video from Movie Maker

    Whenever I am working on Movie Editor I had see that my system fan produce loud noise. And this also sometime happen when I am opening up multiple videos from YouTube. Otherwise it works well. Is this some kind of problem. I had checked the system top side which has as big fan placed. It push a lot of hot air outside. I do not think Movie Maker is a very high resource intensive application. I am using this from really long time and this would the first time I notice this sound. I hope there will be something that is causing the problem. Should I format my pc.

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    Re: System back loud noise while exporting video from Movie Maker

    You have to checkout the processor temperature. When you expert a hd video from movie maker it really needs good processing power. The higher it is the faster videos will come out. And this might be heating up the cpu. That is why you are getting this fan noise. You can install a temperature monitor application on your pc and keep a close watch on the growing temperature. If it is crossing a limit then it means it is the time now to buy a new system fan. This is a simple heating issue that can be easily fixed if you can get a good working for your system

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    Re: System back loud noise while exporting video from Movie Maker

    I am also having the same issue. I have a Core 2 Duo system with 4GB RAM where I mostly do the video work. It is a slow system but still it is working fine. Whenever I start exporting a video it takes really long time and there is a kind of louse noise from the cpu fan also. It is hard to work on it. Just recently I bought a new cpu fan with a good quality thermal paste. And this looks like working really well. There is no issue with the same. In your case also I think the cpu fan is not working well due to which you get the noise. Just get a good one and add it.

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