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Thread: Macros to turn on custom Copy/Paste shortcut

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    Macros to turn on custom Copy/Paste shortcut

    I want to create custom shortcuts for copy/paste. By default in Windows you have Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V. I want a keyboard shortcut like Ctrl+< for copy and Ctrl+> for paste. I use mouse from my left hand. And each time to copy a file I have to shift to Ctrl + C. It makes me slow. For those who use mouse from right hand mouse can easily use Ctrl + C and Ctrl + V. It is fast. But for those who want to use mouse from left hand has no option to create custom keyboard key set. I only want shortcuts for copy paste. And nothing else. I tried various keyboard remapping software but none of them help.

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    Re: Macros to turn on custom Copy/Paste shortcut

    You are on the right track. You have to use a keyboard remapping software through which you can assign keys fro the various functions. You have to test different software her plus you have to go in the help section to find out how to assign the keys. I had seen many software which can do this. There is one tool you can try out. You can try using this one. In this tool you just have to load the script of Copy/Paste and then you can enable it. It will automatically understand the keystroke. Just try this out.

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    Re: Macros to turn on custom Copy/Paste shortcut

    I can give you the most accurate answer here. And I am working on this from last few days. Finally I am able to find the right software that can provide you a easy custom shortcut for Copy/Paste. Remember that this features belongs to Windows Clipboard. And any software that can allow you to change the clipboard function can help you to create a custom copy/paste shortcut. For that download and install Keyboard Shortcut Express 4. This is a paid software. You can get a 30 day trial to test. In this launch the software and click on Macro > New Macro. Type a key combination and click on next. From left choose Clipboard function you want. And done.

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