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Thread: Screen Recording software (series)

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    Screen Recording software (series)


    I am looking for a recommendation of which is the best software to record episodes from websites. I am mostly watching my shows on and I like their service a lot. Only sometimes episodes disappear and I am losing some part of the season.

    I tried some Addins for my browser but it doesn't seem to work. Somewhere I read it should be possible with 'screen recording software'. Well when I type that on Google I get a lot of results and most are paid software so I wanted to get some advice here.

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    Re: Screen Recording software (series)

    Screen recorders are resource intensive programs. If you go with browser based addons or tiny software like Screen-O-Matic then you wont get the quality you are looking for. For recording programs you need something that can preserve a good screen quality with audio. So that you can view your programs later on also. One of the best software is Adobe Captivate. You can download a trail edition and test it. If it is slowing down your pc then you have to try a more lighter on.

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    Re: Screen Recording software (series)

    Addins for mozilla won't work because pbs is protecting their streams with a special mechanism. That is why u will need to use a more complicated way.
    I used two different kind of softwares: Firstly I was using bandicam to capture my screen when playing games and doing little youtube clips.
    Than I tried to use this software on recording videos on Netflix etc. Firstly it was working quite nice but finally it was kind of annoying to cut the matching videos.
    Some time after I came across another software that makes it more easy to capture individual episodes. It is called Audials Moviebox and is specially designed to do your task.

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