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Thread: Driver Fusion safe to use on Windows 8

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    Driver Fusion safe to use on Windows 8

    I have been searching for new hardware and soon going to buy new parts like motheboard, ram, processor, etc; for myself. I am also not looking to reinstall windows on it, so for this I came across a software called driver fusion to uninstall the chipset drivers and start freshly. But before proceeding further I wanted to know if it is a safe program to use? This software also comes for a trial period I think. So can anyone tell me if I can use this software without any risk? Thank you

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    Re: Driver Fusion safe to use on Windows 8

    Most of the experienced users do not suggest all those kind of programs. Drive Fusion is popular for amatuer users and mostly used by developers for testing purpose. These type of software usually come with adware or spyware or maybe something even worse. Also this software will only let you to download old or incompatible drivers that are not of any use. I also used all this kind of programs but later on didnt find it useful.

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    Re: Driver Fusion safe to use on Windows 8

    Even I will not recommend you to use Driver Fusion software which are not worth it at all. If you want to remove drivers then simply go to Device Manager and install new drivers only from the manufacturers website. Incase you have an Intel Chipset then download Intel Driver Update Utility with hard drive still connected to the old motherboard. Or else, you can also run the below commands and wait for it to finish and then replace motherboard:

    pushd C:\Windows\System32\SysPrep
    sysprep.exe /generalize /shutdown

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    Re: Driver Fusion safe to use on Windows 8

    It is always a good way to reinstall Windows and all other software if you are replacing any hardware parts like motherboard, processor, etc. If you change any of these hardware and keep the same operating system installed then there might be some conflicts with the operating system or any other software. Chances lead to blue screen to death errors as well. So, install fresh copy of windows whenever changing any hardware.

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