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Thread: Amplifying sound of a Bluetooth speaker

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    Amplifying sound of a Bluetooth speaker

    I am not able to find any option through which I can amplify the sound of a Bluetooth speaker. The one that I have is a china brand which is small in size. It has relatively good audio, but when I am trying to use that on my pc I am getting a very low audio. It works well on my mobile phone. Is there any problem with using the speaker on pc. I am quiet sure that it must be able to work in the same manner. But it fails. I had tried to do this a number of time but it is not working. Does Windows has a option through which I can boost the audio more. Like for 100% to 200%. It is not at all working. I hope there can be some way to fix it.

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    Re: Amplifying sound of a Bluetooth speaker

    Well Windows Media Player is having limited thing to do. It is not having any instant option through which you can amplify the sound. You have to use the buttons on the speaker. There are volume keys in most of the model and you have to keep on pressing the same when you are getting maximum volume. If that is limited the it is quiet sure that the Bluetooth speaker is not having any extra audio. You have to get a better one. I have one from creative. It is a bit costly but produce great audio output. Even on 50% volume I am able to get enough sound in the entire room.

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    Re: Amplifying sound of a Bluetooth speaker

    VLC can help you to boost the audio as per your need. And you can try out that on your speaker. But there are chances that the entire audio quality will be messed up. For that you have to load the song in VLC and use the scroll key to increase volume. VLC has a option through which you can boost the audio to 100%. But on small speaker the entire audio is messed up. The entire output is very bad when you try to do the same. You can test out this once. There are some third party software also. But to get a effective output from the same you have to use a bigger speaker. Small one does not work.

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