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Thread: Using HP USB Disk Storage Format Tool to fix damage usb

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    Using HP USB Disk Storage Format Tool to fix damage usb

    I am having a 32GB pen drive. In which there is some space issue first. That means it does not show the full 32GB space. It shows me 8GB less. And also
    sometime it remains detected and sometime it does not. I want some help here through which I can format this to get the full space back. For using the drive I connect the same to the backside of my pc and it works. But when I connect that on the usb hub it does not work. It remains un-recognized. I get that popup on my desktop. I want to know that HP USB Disk Storage Format Tool can help me to fix the issue. I am trying to find out the way it works but it is not helping me much.

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    Re: Using HP USB Disk Storage Format Tool to fix damage usb

    I am not sure about HP usb disk but i am satisfied with the kind of help Stellar provides me while formatting my usb. You can browse for them.

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    Re: Using HP USB Disk Storage Format Tool to fix damage usb

    If the pen drive has as hardware issue then there is nothing you can do. You cannot fix that just by formatting the pen drive. You have to simply use it till it is working and get a new one. Some pen drives comes with lifetime warranty. If you are having the packet with you, you can replace the same from the service center. Still you can try using low level formatting through cmd which might work. You have to connect the usb and use the format command on cmd. The command will be format g: and hit enter. Most of the time this works if the drive has a partition crated by some software and it is hidden.

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    Re: Using HP USB Disk Storage Format Tool to fix damage usb

    Formatting is no solution for a pen drive that is not showing up the full space. You have to check whether there is some kind of virtual partition in it. Some software do that while formatting or a part of your usb space is reserved for the ready boost. This would help you a lot in fixing the problem. You can go in Disk Management and simply format the pen drive completely and then try back. I am quiet sure this will pull out space from the pen drive if there is no hardware fault. Or else you the output will remain the same You have to use it til it works. It good not to keep any data in that so that you wont loose it.

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