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Thread: Can a netbook with Intel Atom processor run Bluestack

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    Can a netbook with Intel Atom processor run Bluestack

    I want to know that is it possible to use Bluetstack in a netbook that has a Intel Atom processor. I want to install this to play different android games and that is not quiet possible without having bluestack. I am using Bluestack in my pc where it works really well. Because I have a good hardware config. I can play a lot of games in the same. I want to install this on my sisters netbook for playing games like Hayday. I had not yet tested because I do not want the laptop ot work slow. It is used for study purpose.

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    Re: Can a netbook with Intel Atom processor run Bluestack

    I am not sure about that. Bluestack might work but it will affect the overall output of the netbook. It is good to avoid installing the same. Bluestack requires heavy processing. If you turn this thing on then I am quiet sure that other application would face issue with the output. You can try testing out if you want. If you think the netbook is working slow then just remove the same. It will resolve the problem. You can try adding a few lightweight games for the same. If you are having good ram then it will work well.

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    Re: Can a netbook with Intel Atom processor run Bluestack

    I had tried testing this on my laptop that has a Celeron cpu and 2GB ram. The application takes a very long time to start up. And also game output is not very good as as expectation. For better gaming output you need a good processor, high ram and a good graphic card. Or else everything will be slow and will lag a lot. Atleast you need a 4GB ram with 512MB dedicated video memory to use it properly or else the entire system will be very slow. And your other happen output will also gets affected.

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