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Thread: Microsoft One note is crashing after latest updates

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    Microsoft One note is crashing after latest updates

    I want a bit help in fixing various problem that I am facing with Microsoft One Note. There were few recent updates which were associated with word. And the update was for the security stuff. I updated the same. After that I can face issue with Office crashing. Whenever I try to open One Note it crash. It is not working as it was before and there are lots of notes saved in the same. I need some help here through which I can restore its old status back. It is very complicated to work like this.

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    Re: Microsoft One note is crashing after latest updates

    I do not think any update can cause the issue. But still if you think the issue is with the same then you have to go ahead and remove the same. You can do that through control panel > uninstall program. Just go in that and then click on view installed updates. From here you can find the list of updates installed in your system and I think you can remove that also. But do not remove any other that can cause any more problem in your system. Just check that once.

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    Re: Microsoft One note is crashing after latest updates

    The easiest way to get rid of this issue is running system restore. Because it will remove the update and then you have to avoid updating anything in Windows. Sometime it happens that there are buggy updates released in the market and that cause this crashing issue. You can resolve that by running a system restore. Remember that if you run that then it will also remove any application that you have installed recently in the pc. System restore is not going to affect your data.

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