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Thread: Windows 7 "Error loading Python DLL" message

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    Windows 7 "Error loading Python DLL" message

    I am using Windows 7 on my computer. Recently whenever I am starting my Windows operating system then an error window appears stating that "Error loading Python DLL: c:\user\admin\appdata\local\temp\_mei42443\python27.dll
    (error code 5)"

    Also, if I am trying to install anything then a similar error message appears and the installation will just quit. No matter how many times I try, no software will install. I have already checked for some solutions on the net but cannot find anything. Please help me. Thanks

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    Re: Windows 7 "Error loading Python DLL" message

    If the Python DLL is loading from a temp folder then there might be some issue in your computer as it could be infected by some virus. You should try to click on Start and in the search box type msconfig. After that disable anything that looks too suspicious in your startup tab. Save the settings and then restart your computer. After that download Malwarebyte anti-malware software and install it in your pc and do a full scan in your computer. If anything is found then the anti-malware will remove it immediately in its scan.

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    Re: Windows 7 "Error loading Python DLL" message

    Yes, it seems that your PC is infected by some virus. So to remove it download a tool called AdwCleaner. AdwCleaner is a utility that scans your computer to get rid of malicious or unwanted software like adware or toolbars. After analyzing your system, AdwCleaner offers, through a list, to delete all the nasties found. Suppression mode is very easy to access since a single delete button is available. Similarly, to remove this software, just click on "Uninstall". FYI, AdwCleaner can be launched from a USB stick as well.

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    Re: Windows 7 "Error loading Python DLL" message

    If nothing is working for you then try this method. Just restart your pc and then get into Safe Mode. After that open registry editor by clicking on start and then in the search box type regedit. After that press F3 button to search for the python27.dll file and then clear it when it is found. Just try to press F3 key until it is no more found and then restart your computer. You can even try to do a backup of the registry first by clicking on File and then Export and then click the box for All at the bottom and save it as a .reg file.

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