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Thread: Is it safer to use CleanMyMac2 on Mac

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    Is it safer to use CleanMyMac2 on Mac

    Is there anyone who knows about CleanMyMac2. I found this software by searching on internet. As per the description this program is good for cleaning up mac system. I want to get this one because I think my system is not working so great. It is slow. I am having a 16GB ram on the same and still the system looks a bit slow in response. The tool is designed to clean unwanted files from the system. I am trying to find out that this tool is safe. I do not want to install any malware in the system.

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    Re: Is it safer to use CleanMyMac2 on Mac

    I will not recommend you to install the same. There are so many tools like this on the web. This are having a flashy sites and lots of fake review. But they do nothing. You can on your own try to speed up the system by installing only required things. It is also good to maintain a regular backup habits so that your files remain saved at some place. Even if you have to re-install windows it will be safer for you to go ahead. Because you are not going to loose any of your data. I will not recommend to use the tool.

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    Re: Is it safer to use CleanMyMac2 on Mac

    I had tested this kind of software. They do not help much. They might give you a option to clean the system but all they do is nothing. And you will get ample of advertisement on your screen. It is good if you stick with manual process. That means removing the application that you dont want. This will free up the system ram. Always check for new updates. Updates add more stability to your mac system. Without them the system can crash or work slow. So got and checkout the new updates and then try see the performance.

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    Re: Is it safer to use CleanMyMac2 on Mac

    Go in AppCleaner and start with cleaning unwanted apps from the system. Remove all those stuffs which are not needed. It is essential that you must remove the applications that you don't want. AppCleaner is the best tool here. Mostly mac system does not really has any performance related issues. You just have to checkout what all things are working in the background. You can get ample of details in the activity monitor. You have to go in the process and see what all things are eating up what amount of ram.

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