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Thread: Does removing MoboGenie will also delete backup

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    Does removing MoboGenie will also delete backup

    I am using MoboGenie to backup my Lenovo A369i smartphone. I don't have any official pc suite software for that. I want a bit help to find answer for a problem I am facing. I had backup my data through mobogenie. This consist of contacts, messages, apps, etc. Now if I uninstall mobogenie will I loose that data also. Especially the contacts. I do not want to loose the. Others I will manage. I want to remove it because I am going to use another pc suite software.

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    Re: Does removing MoboGenie will also delete backup

    I do not think so. The first thing you have to do is checkout the location where the backup is saved. Just move the file from there to some other place and then only uninstall the same. I am not really sure where this software save all the backup files. Most probably in the C drive inside its installation folder. Many backup software will provide you a indication to store the file in your required location.

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    Re: Does removing MoboGenie will also delete backup

    It is in My Document. And when you uninstall Mobogenie it does not delete the data. The folder remains intact and it is sorted in the name of mobile model. So just go in My Documents and there look for the Mobogenie folder. In that you will find the backup.You will find a csv file for the contacts. I manage all my contacts through outlook which is quiet easier. Because I can export the file and then upload that in gmail. I sync that later on.

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