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Thread: Audio service error on HP Envy 700-074

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    Audio service error on HP Envy 700-074

    Just after installing windows 8.1 on HP Envy 700-074 bunch of new problem started appearing one by one. I started getting issue with the audio first. There is no sound in the system. I am not able to figure out the reason behind this because I had just ran a 8.1 update. I was already having Windows 8 before in the pc. Just recently a friend updated that on this laptop and it is working quiet well on it.

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    Re: Audio service error on HP Envy 700-074

    Sometime it happens. Old driver crash after windows installation. It is quiet nice to recheck everything back again which will help you. I am talking about updating the drivers in your system. You can simply download the latest one from the official site of your system manufacturer. Just locate the model and download driers based on windows 8.1 compatibility. This will help you more in fixing the issue.

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    Re: Audio service error on HP Envy 700-074

    Go in Device Manager. You can access that by right clicking on My Computer > Manage. On the left side click on Device Manager. You can see list of few uninstalled drivers. To update then you can do two things. First as mentioned above. You can install drivers manually in your system by downloading it. And second you can use a driver updater software. You can find ample of them. This software will automatically installed the latest version in your pc.

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