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Thread: How to replace corrupt file from recovery partition

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    How to replace corrupt file from recovery partition

    My recovery partition is having a bit problem. When I tried restoring the system it crashed after copying a few starting files. Fortunately my windows is working. I am using Windows 8. There are few msi file sin the starts which are corrupt. The recovery process halt with a damage file error. I tried to restore a number of time but that does not help much. Is there a way through which I can just replace that single file.

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    Re: How to replace corrupt file from recovery partition

    You cannot because there is no file editor for that. If you even manage to extract the content you can compile it back to a single file. It is a bit complicated problem. You will need the tool through which the recovery partition is crated in which you can edit your files. Like I am using Acronis. If there is a problem I recreate the file back again through that. And then it works well. You will need a proper file editor to replace the files.

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    Re: How to replace corrupt file from recovery partition

    There is nothing you can do here. What you can try is contact the system manufacturer to give you recovery disc. This cd's can be used for the restoration purpose. I got this issue on a windows laptop. Where the recovery was damage. So I asked the seller to gave me a recovery disc. This disc is quiet easy to use and works in a similar way. You an store the iso file in your hard drive. But you cannot modify the hidden recovery partition.

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