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Thread: Seagate Dashboard takes long time to complete backup

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    Seagate Dashboard takes long time to complete backup

    There is a weird issue in my system. I had purchased a new Seagate backup drive that offer me 1TB storage. It is good to keep all the files. I am using SeaGate Dashboard tool for backup. I had configured to take backup 4 pm daily. There might be around 10 to 20GB of files. Which are important while others are movies. I can move them manually. The dashboard tool takes along time to complete. How to speed up the backup here.

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    Re: Seagate Dashboard takes long time to complete backup

    Just verify the backup time by manually copy pasting. It looks you are not running a incremental backup. There are different types of backup option. One is automatic where files are copied in the drive and you don't have to run. One is incremental where only modified files are updated. This speed up the backup process. Because every time entire data is not copied. Only those files which are modified.

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    Re: Seagate Dashboard takes long time to complete backup

    Check the settings once. Delete the old backup and try to create a new one. SeaGate Dashboard is quiet easy to use. You just have to do tiny changes and backup is done. But if that is not working then you can try some other tool. Windows also comes with a integrated backup utility. You can find that in Control Panel. Launch Backup and configure the time as per your need. It will be easy to use.

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    Re: Seagate Dashboard takes long time to complete backup

    There is a portable version of Cobian Backup. This application does not need setup. You just have to run the exe file to launch backup. This tool can help you to backup files very effectively. Portable edition is good for those who want to use the file whenever needed. There is a full edition also available. This edition has many option to effectively backup files in the system. You can configure it as per your need. It is very flexible to use.

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    Re: Seagate Dashboard takes long time to complete backup

    Backup is a big issue if you are not having right tools with you. It is will slow and will not work well. Most of the time backup files are skipped which generate more problem. I am using Easeus Todo Backup. It is free and easy to use. The tool has simple option to copy files. You can test this out. It is good if you can leave the drive connected all the time. If you remove the backup procedure might fail to run properly.

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