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Thread: How to cancel print from HP Smart Print -

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    How to cancel print from HP Smart Print -

    How to cancel a print if it is send through HP Smart Print. I have a printer that is on the wifi network. Sometime I am unable to get the page preview. I want some way through which I can cancel the print. It saves a lot of paper. Last time I accidentally printed around 8 pages. All of them were wasted. I tried finding the option to cancel print but it was not available in the app. Is there a way for stopping it.

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    Re: How to cancel print from HP Smart Print -

    You can cancel the print job through pc where it is connected. When you send the print a printer icon appear in the system tray. You can cancel it instantly from there. I am not sure about any application available in HP Smart Print. You have to sit on the pc where the printer is configured. You have to click on the tiny icon and right click on the printer documents and choose cancel. In this way you can stop printing.

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    Re: How to cancel print from HP Smart Print -

    It is complicated when the printer is attached no the lan. You have to turn off the printer to cancel it. Many printer has a button on the body where you have to press to cancel any existing printing job. I was having HP Laserjet 1022 which has big wrong button on the left side. When you hit that it cancel any existing printing job. So just check that you have that key or not. It will be easier for you to cancel if the button is provided.

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