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Thread: AMD display driver crashing on Windows 8.1

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    AMD display driver crashing on Windows 8.1

    After upgrading to Windows 8.1 I am having issue with AMD display driver. I had upgraded from Windows 7 and everything was proper. The upgrade was slow but it completed successfully at the end. After few minutes the driver just crashed with a message and the entire desktop icon disappears. It appear back after few minutes. Whenever I try to play any games this problem appear.

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    Re: AMD display driver crashing on Windows 8.1

    It looks you are not having the right version of display driver in your system. Because of which it is crashing. You have to do one thing. Go on the official website of amd and download the latest driver. Then remove the existing one. The system will switch to basic video driver. Once done you can install that. If it still crashes then you have re-install it on Windows 7 compatibility mode.

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    Re: AMD display driver crashing on Windows 8.1

    The display driver might be having several problem due to which it is crashing. You have to check for supported files. Go in Event Viewer where you are find more details about the driver. Just look for ATIKMDAG.sys, ATI2DVAG.sys, ATI2CQAG.dll, ATIVPK.sys, AMD2DVAG.sys, AMDKMDAG.sys and AMDVPK.sys. If any of this files are listed in the error then it means the driver is not stable. You have to look out a new version.

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    Re: AMD display driver crashing on Windows 8.1

    I do this error when I had updated new drivers in the system. I remember the last version. But when the new one was installed each time the system started and there is a crash error on the screen. So I restored the old version and the problem was resolved. You will also have to do the same. You have to restore the old driver and then try back. It will add more stability to the system and will give you more optimum output.

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