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Thread: Seagate 2TB Slow drive output on Adobe Premiere Pro

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    Seagate 2TB Slow drive output on Adobe Premiere Pro

    I am unable to figure out why I am getting slow pc performance on Seagate 2TB. Being a high storage drive it must work fine. But it is still slow and not giving out proper output. I had tried to remove programs also. I am using Adobe Premiere Pro. The software is used for editing videos. It takes really long time to export videos and a number of time it lags. I am having Core i3 cpu and 4GB ram in the system.

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    Re: Seagate 2TB Slow drive output on Adobe Premiere Pro

    You have to first checkout all the background services. See what all things are working. Disable them or turn them off and then check back. You can see the apps and services in Task Manager. See the cpu and ram usage there. Boot your system in safe mode and go in msconfig. Disable all startup programs. This will surely help you to gain more performance in your system. I think there are some background apps which is causing the issue.

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    Re: Seagate 2TB Slow drive output on Adobe Premiere Pro

    It can be the hard drive also due to which you are facing issue. Slow rpm drives affect the overall output. You can also see one thing. See that there is any background app like data backup or antivirus scanner working. Turn it off and test one again. The more your drive is occupied the more slow your system will be. So you have to simply check that once and then try again. I hope this will be enough to resolve the problem.

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    Re: Seagate 2TB Slow drive output on Adobe Premiere Pro

    If you need a really good performance system then the best thing you must do is add a ssd. A 128GB or 64GB SSD will be great enough to boost your system output. I had added that recently. I am using the SSD only for operating system and games. It works really fast. The boost time is also great here. The system works really fast and does not lag or freeze. I hope you are also having a graphic card in your system.

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