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Thread: disable SetPoint popup at pc boot

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    disable SetPoint popup at pc boot

    I am using the Setpoint 6 version and there is no problem in my pc. But when ever I start my pc or even restart my pc then the Setpoing Settings Screen pops up everytime. I have kept it on Auto because I want to get alerts when pressing Caps keys or such. I find it annoying to click it away and move it to System Tray. I have kept many softwares on autostart and they all pop up shortly with a flash screen and then reside in system tray, can it be done for Setpoint too? Any ideas?

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    Re: disable SetPoint popup at pc boot

    Can you check whether anything is there in the startup folder in your start menu? You must check in the registry entries as well. You can try to delete the entry for Setpoint in Startup menu and then open msconfig and check its entry, if it is there then Setpoint will start properly and hide itself in the System tray area. If it is not visible in msconfig then once you have removed it from the Startup menu then launch it once again and then go to Tools and check Show Setpoint in Notification area.

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    Re: disable SetPoint popup at pc boot

    Once you have run Setpoint from the Start Menu then you can try to move as suggested above. If still that is not working for you then try to reinstall the Setpoint and it might work for you. I cannot understand why you want to remove Setpoint from startup which will remove it from the registry as shown in the Startup in msconfig. Normally the startup menu items displays the Start menu items and it really belongs in the registry.

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    Re: disable SetPoint popup at pc boot

    First uninstall the Setpoint application and then clean the registry entry by downloading a software called Revo Uninstaller, that will remove the leftovers of the Setpoint from your pc. Also try to remove the startup entry which will also remove the entry from msconfig if you havent done that. Now reinstall the latest version and then setpoint will now be visible in msconfig as a registry entry and will be invisible at startup. Hope this helps.

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