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Thread: LastPass vs KeePass, which is the best?

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    LastPass vs KeePass, which is the best?

    Can anyone tell me which one of these 2 services LastPass or KeePass do you all use, which one do you suggest is the better one? I have read that Lastpass data is stored online and it is encrypted and syncs data properly. Where else Keepass lets you to keep on your USB key or on your PC. I dont how does it syncs between computers though. Any comments on this is welcome.

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    Re: LastPass vs KeePass, which is the best?

    Lastpass is best.
    I use premium version, which also allows me to install a copy of lastpass on my blackberry mobile phone.
    very handy software.
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    Re: LastPass vs KeePass, which is the best?

    You should definitely go with LastPass because it is the best. When I was using KeePass then i was having issues to mount the media while holding Keepass volume and then run it on PC and so on. But on the other hand LastPass was so much easy and it properly integrates with Internet Explorer and Firefox, you can even access the passwords online if you want to.

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    Re: LastPass vs KeePass, which is the best?

    I have been using KeePass because I have too many non-computer related passwords and keys in the database that I store. So, basically it is more convenient for me to use that in such places where I am not able to get internet access but am able to go to a pc or a laptop hassle free. Then again I have not used LastPass so I do not know how well is it.

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    Re: LastPass vs KeePass, which is the best?

    There are many reasons to choose LastPass. It has got onnly 1time passwords that can be used to generate for different places like libraries or school and access your password online.And if you have logged out then that password is no longer valid so key logging or anything else, cannot access your account. The Lastpass plugin for browsers are updated very fast.

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