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Thread: How to export Outlook 2007 emails to Windows Live Mail 16

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    How to export Outlook 2007 emails to Windows Live Mail 16

    Hi, i need some urgent help from you all. Couple of months ago i was using Windows Live Mail as my default email client. Later due to some official purpose i needed to switch to Outlook 2007. I configured all my email accounts without any problems and imported all messages from WLM to Outlook successfully. Now it has been more than 6 months i need to switch back again to Windows Live Mail. But here is the problem.

    There was no problem importing emails from WLM to OL, but now i am not getting any way to export messages from OL to WLM as outlook saves all messages in PST format while WLM wont support that format. Any idea how is it done? I really need to do this as soon as possible. Please help.

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    Re: How to export Outlook 2007 emails to Windows Live Mail 16

    That’s true. Outlook does not export its files in a format that Windows Live Mail support. But fortunately you can do this using Thunderbird client. Thunderbird supports both PST file format of Outlook data and the EML format Windows Live Mail. So you can get all your Outlook emails in Thunderbird first and then export the EML format messages (that Outlook can not do). Once done you can import EML messages in Windows Live Mail.

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    Re: How to export Outlook 2007 emails to Windows Live Mail 16

    I really appreciate your help Kaylynn. But as I have never used Thunderbird, it will take me some time to understand (might take few days as well), and as I said I need to do this as soon as possible, I don’t have time to study the new client.

    So please understand my problem and let me know step by step process for doing the same. Thanks again.

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    Re: How to export Outlook 2007 emails to Windows Live Mail 16

    Alright, here it is.

    First of all you will need to download and install Thunderbird. It is completely free email client from Mozilla. You can download the same from here . Once done, import try to import your Outlook accounts in here. Thunderbird will allow you to import your messages from Outlook to EML and then export formats supported by Windows Live Mail. Here is how you can do the same:

    Import and export the messages in Thunderbird:

    • In the Thunderbird window that opens, click I will configure my account later.
    • Click the View menu of the application to the right.
    • Click Tools and then click Import.
    • Select Messages and click Next.
    • Click Outlook and click Next.
    • The import starts.
    • After a few minutes, click Finish.
    • The structure of Outlook folders can be found in the Outlook Import folder in Thunderbird local folders displayed in the left column.
    • Click the first file.
    • Click a message in the right frame of the window.
    • Use Ctrl + A to select all messages.
    • Click the right mouse button on the selection and click Save As.
    • Choose where to save all messages. Click the New Folder button and create a folder with the same name as the one that contains your messages in Outlook or Thunderbird, for example Inbox. In this way, you reproduce the folder tree and messages on your hard drive and then it will be easier to put in Windows Live Messenger.
    • The messages are then exported to your hard drive.
    • Repeat for each folder that contains messages in Thunderbird.
    • At the end of the operation, you have on your hard drive for all your files and messages.

    By now you will be having all your messages on your hard drive that in Windows Live Mail compatible format (EML). If Windows Live Mail is located on another computer, just copy the backup folder where you put all your messages on an external hard drive, for example, and connect it to another computer. If you don’t know how to do that, follow these steps:

    • Start Windows Live Mail.
    • Recreate the folder tree. Click for it with the right mouse button on the Inbox and click New Folder.
    • Give the file name and click OK.
    • Recreate all the folders in Outlook you and where you put messages in your backup.
    • On your hard drive, open the first folder where your saved messages.
    • Select all with Ctrl + A.
    • Drag the selection to the corresponding folder in Windows Live Mail.
    • Release the mouse button. You found your messages in Windows Live Mail.
    • Repeat for other folders and other messages to be restored.

    That’s it. You are done.

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    Re: How to export Outlook 2007 emails to Windows Live Mail 16

    yes in past i had same problem and i exactly employed this method and got successful outcomes....

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