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Thread: Live TV software for Windows 7

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    Live TV software for Windows 7

    Where can I find a good Live TV software for my Windows 7 pc. I am using Youtube only. Recently I found a tiny app in Android called as Sony Live. It offers Live serials of SonyTV. I am looking for some similar apps for my pc also. I need good quality videos. But I think it is not possible to have all commercial channels on the same that we usually get on dish or satellite tv. Still I am willing to test some channels broadcast around the world for free.

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    Re: Live TV software for Windows 7

    There is a software called as Free Live TV. It is a popular live tv tool that help you to stream your tons of TV and radio stations. You can simply use that to stream videos no your pc directly. All you need is a good internet bandwidth connection or else the streaming output will be poor.

    There are number of similar software available on the web that offers you streaming support. It is found that there are around 4,700 TV channels available on this Live TV for free.

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    Re: Live TV software for Windows 7

    Many free live tv programs will irritate you with free ads. There is one more tool that is used by my father in his office. It is PCTV4ME Pro. Also it depends country wise to stream videos. This LiveTV software features a free streaming of around 300 channels. There are ample of features available. There are some online TV streaming app also that offers you free streaming of paid channels also. But you can test this one first.

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    Re: Live TV software for Windows 7

    First try Free Live TV software. It is really cool. I do not think any free tools can give you paid channels. Whatever you see on your screen are free channels. For paid you will need to buy subscription. Compare to that a setup box is far more cheaper. You can try some free tools that only give you free channels on air. While other paid channels are encrypted that is only possible to view after adding a setup box and applying for subscription.

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    Re: Live TV software for Windows 7

    I second Free Live TV software where you can watch some free channels. There's another one called qvob (hope I didn't remember wrongly), you can use it to search and watch some movies, but no live tv channel.

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