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Thread: How to export all the password from RoboForm

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    How to export all the password from RoboForm

    I am using RoboFrom to save all my password and bookmark. I found it a effective. I am not able to find out any settings to export all the password. While my friend is using LastPass. It gives a direct option to save all the login details in CSV format. I tried to check all the settings and options but still not able find anything. I am quiet annoyed with this. Does anyone knows how to get all the saved details from it. I hope there is a way available. And if not then which password utility is best and secure. I found LastPass better.

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    Re: How to export all the password from RoboForm

    Go with LastPass. It is much better. The best part of using this is that it does not add any kind of toolbar on your web browser. It remains hidden in a icon. The interface is simple and good. And to export the saved password from RoboForm you will need to upgrade the same to a paid version. In free edition RoboForm does not provide any option to export the saved password. I had used RoboForm for few weeks, and later on shifted to LastPass. It has a nice mobile version also.

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    Re: How to export all the password from RoboForm

    I am using a free edition of RoboForm and stuck with the same. I am also not able to locate the option to export all the password. I am going to switch to LastPass. I am using it with RoboFrom and found it more better. Now there is no way to export password from RoboForm, but I can open all the site through it and LastPass will automatically save that. In this way I can update the same to LastPass and get rid of RoboForm. I just want to know does that work best on mobile also.

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    Re: How to export all the password from RoboForm

    Yes LastPass work on Mobile also. My friend has a paid version of RoboForm. He can export the file. He just have to click on RoboForm icon on the top left toolbar and click on Login. In that I can see a Print option. Through that only you can get the password that you are looking. RoboForm lacks feature in free edition but if you are willing to buy it then offer everything you want. But compare to RoboForm, LastPass deliver much more features.

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