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Thread: Flash player on Internet Explorer 9 fails when trying to register ocx

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    Flash player on Internet Explorer 9 fails when trying to register ocx

    I just formatted my PC and installed Windows 7 in it. I installed Windows 9 in it and started it. After sometime I got a notification that I needed to update my Adobe Flash Player. So I installed the version which came in the notification. After installation, it said that Adobe Flash Player has not been installed. But when I play the Flash games on Mozilla Firefox, there is no such error. I wanted to ask what is the problem with Internet Explorer 9 which is giving this error?

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    Re: Flash player on Internet Explorer 9 fails when trying to register ocx

    When you installed the Adobe Flash Player in your computer, were you logged into administrator’s account of your Windows 7. If you installed Adobe Flash Player from any different account other than Administrator’s account, then it won’t be properly installed and thus it will give you such errors. You can log into the administrator’s account and go on Adobe’s website and install the Adobe Flash Player again. It will rectify the problems that are seen in your PC currently.

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    Re: Flash player on Internet Explorer 9 fails when trying to register ocx

    If the Adobe Flash Player you installed again is giving the same error, then there can be some other problem that needs to be diagnosed. The first thing that you need to do is to uninstall the existing version of Adobe Flash Player in your computer. Also delete everything in this folder, C:\Windows\system32\Macromed\Flash. Now download the file by searching it on the net and then extract it and keep the Procmon.exe on desktop. Now again install the Adobe Flash Player from their website. While it is getting downloaded, run Procmon.exe. Now in the process monitor filter, you will find option to match entries. There you will need to enter,
    Process Name is install_flash_player_ax.exe
    Now save the log of all the process going in your computer, using the Procmon and save it.

    You can send this process log to Adobe who will investigate the problem. They will tell you the reason for it and possible solutions too.

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    Re: Flash player on Internet Explorer 9 fails when trying to register ocx

    I think that this issue is related to the registry key that is not being edited by the Adobe Flash Player installer. You will need to download the registry key tracking software to do this first, I suggest you to get Regmon. You have to download and install the Adobe Flash Player. While installation, Regmon will track all the changes that are being made on your computer’s registry by Adobe Flash Player’s installer. Look out for changes in regsvr32. If the ‘Open Key’ request fails with a message saying ‘Access Denied’ message, then you will need to change permissions for this key. Do it from the administrator’s account only.

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