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Thread: Cannot resize window in Outlook 2010

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    Cannot resize window in Outlook 2010

    I have been using Microsoft Outlook 2010 from few weeks. When I installed it in my computer, it was running fine without any problems. But recently, maybe in past 3 to 4 days, it has been giving me problems. Whenever I click on the shortcut or icon of MS Outlook 2010, the application starts as minimized by default. If I try to restore the size, that is, uses the button between minimizes and close, then the MS Outlook 2010 minimizes again. I have to manually scale it using the edges of the button to get it properly on the screen. Can someone tell me what is happening, how should I get Outlook 2010 to behave normally?

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    Re: Cannot resize window in Outlook 2010

    This type of problem happens if you are using any third party themes or desktop changing utility in your computer. If this is the case, then I can tell you that the theme or desktop modifier that you have applied is not letting the Windows to run in full screen mode. Remove the theme or desktop modifier to make the Microsoft Outlook 2010 work as before. Even if you are using any third party plug-in in Microsoft Outlook 2010 which deals with the display or resolution of the software, then it might be causing the problem. I suggest that you re-install Microsoft Office to rectify this problem.

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    Re: Cannot resize window in Outlook 2010

    I think that you have changed the settings for Microsoft Outlook 2010 due to which it is opening in the minimized mode. You can change the settings from the properties of the execution file for Outlook 2010. Right click on the launch icon of Outlook 2010 and go in the properties. In the properties, you will find ‘Run As’ drop down box. By default it is set to Normal Window. You will need to change the option to ‘Maximized’. Now whenever you start Outlook 2010, it will open as maximized.

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