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Thread: How to schedule Spybot in Windows 7?

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    How to schedule Spybot in Windows 7?

    I have installed Spybot in my computer which I use to detect if any spyware is present in my computer or not. Actually, if I run the Spybot during my working hours, it slows down the PC and makes it less useful for half an Hour. I have Windows 7 running on my computer and I wanted to know how I should make the Spybot to be scheduled in Windows 7. I woulsd like to schedule it to a specific time when I would not be using my computer. Does anybody know how to do it?

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    Re: How to schedule Spybot in Windows 7?

    You can schedule Spybot to work at specific time to detect the spywares in your computer. For this you will have to edit the scheduler available in Spybot. On the top there is a tab, you will find ‘Mode’ option there. You have to click it and in the menu you will find advanced mode. Enter it and it will give you warning message. Click on ‘Yes’ and proceed further. You will now see many more options where you will find scheduler. Now go in the scheduler and click on edit. Here you can set the time, day, date and every other scheduling detail for Spybot. You can also set the amount of time you want to start Spybot after your computer has been left idle. If you have set password to your computer, you will need to provide password too.

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    Re: How to schedule Spybot in Windows 7?

    This will really help as I will now set the Spybot’s scans to Wednesday nights. I was trying to schedule the Spybot with the default scheduler of Windows 7. But this thing didn’t help much. I think I will use the scheduler in the Spybot to get things right. Thanks for the information.

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