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Thread: Download updated Harmony Software for OS X Lion

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    Download updated Harmony Software for OS X Lion

    Can anyone help me out with the software download of Logitech Harmony 900 remote for my OS X Lion? Let me make one thing clear that I need updated software of the remote which should be later on after the update very well compatible for my OS X Lion. I really do not have any idea from where I can get the software download. Initially someone told me I can get the software update from the Logitech webpage but after spending hours I didn’t even a hint of such update. However I gave up and now I am here. I am sure I will get at least a clue for the update.

    Another thing I would like to say is that if possible please provide me with the same thing for my other Harmony remotes i.e. 1000 and 1100 for the system compatibility with OS X Snow Leopard. If providing the download update for these remotes are not possible its fine but do provide me Harmony 900 update as its urgent for me right now.

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    Re: Download updated Harmony Software for OS X Lion

    I am still wondering where exactly you must have went to check the software update of your remote in the Logitech webpage. For your kind information it is very much simple to get the update once if you get the core source of the download. And I guess Logitech official site was that core source for you but then why you didn’t get the download link.
    Do not worry I will help you with reaching your desired destination.

    • Firstly casually open up the Logitech site then within the homepage you might find the support option.
    • Just take the cursor over the Support option; you will get a drop down under that option. Click on the first option i.e. Support+Download
    • Now after clicking on that option you will get all the products of Logitech. Make sure that you click on Harmony Remote
    • List of Harmony remotes will be displayed, just click on the remote that you have. In your case I think its Harmony 900
    • At the extreme top right side corner you will read “Software Downloads” in bold black letters. Just click on the link displayed below that option
    • That’s it. Now you will be taken to other windows where you will need to register your product and make an account. Only then you will be give the download link for your desired update

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    Re: Download updated Harmony Software for OS X Lion

    If in case you already have accounts then do not worry, you will not have to register or enter any details about you or your products. Now as you stated that you are actually in need of the software update for few more of your remotes like 1000 and 1100. Let me tell you that you can get them from the same place without roaming here and there. As suggested above when you reach the page where you find the list of Harmony remotes, you will also find those 1000 and 1100 remotes listed there. So what you can do is each time click on individual remote then continues with the following steps, download the update and then get back to the same page. Again click on the next remote whose update you need.

    If you are smart enough then definitely you will successfully do the update as all the steps are clearly mentioned above by that friend.

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    Re: Download updated Harmony Software for OS X Lion

    I did the update successfully but not exactly following the same above steps. When I clicked on my remote as according to the instruction I saw the option of Software Downloads. Clicking on that option took me to another page where I wasn’t told to register of something instead I directly got a page where I was told to select the OS for which I am trying to get the update of my remote. When I chose OS X I got the download link and also above the link I read it was written LogitechHarmonyRemoteSoftware 7.8.0 OSX.dmg. if you find this thing displayed below the your computer OS then you are at the right place.

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    Re: Download updated Harmony Software for OS X Lion

    No, this doesn’t mean that you have got everything right and you are at the right track. I did got the same thing displayed on my screen with a download link. On my OS X Snow Leopard when I got the updated version of my remote i.e. 7.8.0 instead of things going well I ended up getting a kind of error message stating that the “Logitech Remote Software is unable to launch”. I am actually left with two options where the first option states Open Java Preferences and another option says Quite. When I click on the first option again I end up getting a message saying No compatible version of Java 1.5 is available where as the other option obviously stops everything and takes me out of the installation process.

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