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Thread: Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 crash on custom installation

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    Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 crash on custom installation

    I need help to get rid of this constant PowerPoint crash problem. I installed office 2007. I do not have a license copy so I am using a trial version of the same. There was a option called custom. I clicked on that and installed only PowerPoint. Later on to get a little more help I installed Word also. After installing Word, PowerPoint starting crashing. Whenever I open a presentation file, it shows on screen and then a dialog box appear saying that the application is crash because of some error, send report. Word on the other hand works fine. When I login with different account, PowerPoint works. But after few days the same error appears. I was not aware that Microsoft PowerPoint is so buggy. What should I do, after such issue occur I am not quiet interested in buying the full license copy.

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    Re: Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 crash on custom installation

    That is a error because of some missing file. There can be some missing or corrupt file because of which you are getting that error. Do one thing, go in control panel and then click on Microsoft Office / PowerPoint. There is a tab below change or remove. Click on it. You find a repair option there. Insert that same Office 2007 installation disc and run it. The fresh setup will scan and overwrite damaged files. This happens whenever due to some updates or new installation the system files are overwritten. You cannot blame the product for that. Office 2007 is a nice pack of product with many features. You can purchase the license copy that will be more stable. If you do not want any additional features then you can go for more lower version of Office tools and use them. Also when the error appears you must click on send report to Microsoft. By this you will receive more update fix the issue out.

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    Re: Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 crash on custom installation

    Second time when you face that error then go in Start Menu and in that you can find Microsoft Office tools. On that click on Microsoft Office Diagnostics. If you had not installed this or if it is not available then simply re-install Office and this time do a complete installation.

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    Re: Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 crash on custom installation

    Why don't you try Office 2010. I think there is a trial version of that available. One thing that create doubt in my mind is, Office 2007 trail might not exist today. Are you using any pirated version of that. If yes then this issue will be common. Pirated software are never stable. Instead of that go for open source solution. Like open office. This is a free office pack for those who do not want to buy a commercial product. It is free and has many similar feature that you will find in Word. There are number of alternative that are present and you can try. The above post is right about running Microsoft Office Diagnostics. This is a kind of diagnose and repair tool which scans for errors and fix any issue related to that. It is one of the most easiest option to troubleshoot office crash issue.

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    Re: Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 crash on custom installation

    Re-install that and do that in your admin account. Not in any regular user id. Because any account other than admin provides very low privileges because of which some files fails to install and such error appears. Update your windows also to avoid such issues.

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