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Thread: Daemon Tools Pro 4 error "No disc inserted into selected device"

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    Daemon Tools Pro 4 error "No disc inserted into selected device"

    I am currently using Daemon Tools Pro 4 in my computer and I need it to make images of the CDs that I use to have my presentations. Recently I changed my motherboard and currently I am using EVGA 790i Ultra which has 6 SATA ports and 2 eSATA ports on it. I have modified my current motherboard a little so now I have 7 SATA ports and 1 eSATA ports. I have done this because I have six hard drives and the DVD drive which I am using has SATA connection. The problem is that when I try to create an image of the CD I have inserted, I get an error message saying “No disc inserted into selected device". One of the CDs that I tried to create image was important and I needed its image urgently, so I did it from my friend’s computer and it succeeded. He too is using Daemon Tools Pro 4. Why I am not able to create the image in my computer is it because I have modified my motherboard? Can someone help me with this issue?

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    Re: Daemon Tools Pro 4 error "No disc inserted into selected device"

    I don’t think that this issue has anything to do with the type of hardware available in your computer. It must be software related issue due to which the DVD drive must be properly accepted. First try updating the drivers for the DVD driver you use. If this doesn’t solve the problem, you can try re-installing Daemon Tools Pro 4 as it must have not been properly integrated with your DVD drive in the current installation attempt. If still it doesn’t work, you can use ‘Filter Driver Load Order’ for viewing which drivers are installed in your computer which help in working of the DVD drive. You can arrange the drivers such that during startup the drivers for DVD drive will be first launched and then other drivers will be launched.

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