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Thread: Anyone using SwitchMe Multiboot OS App in his Android Phone

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    Anyone using SwitchMe Multiboot OS App in his Android Phone

    When i came to know about this one I was really excited to try this one. As SwitchMe app really permits to Dual Boot Android device with several Profiles for improved Battery Life and other more advantages. But I suppose I am having some issues with this app and it is really not allowing me to perform for what it is really meant to. So can you suggest some pros and most importantly cons of using this one. Thanks .

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    Re: Anyone using SwitchMe Multiboot OS App in his Android Phone

    So to add further regarding the SwitchMe app it really works great as it dual boots your Android phone in just a few taps, so you are able to configure diverse Android installations for different circumstances. In addition to this, SwitchMe is a exceptional application for root users which also lets you to log in and out of several installations of Android just as you would on a desktop system.The technology behind SwitchMe will tend to save all of your applications as well as data, and which in turn will guard it and stores it as a file in memory. You are also able to log out of an account and log into a new installation of Android or one more account with its own distinctive content.

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    Re: Anyone using SwitchMe Multiboot OS App in his Android Phone

    According to this software it is really cool. It will reset some of my build prop changes. I made some modifications with my LCD density, and it reset that in my main profile. My messages as well as call log, though, were all noticeable on both profiles as I created two. . I make use of Swype keyboard, which did not appear with my ROM, and after making use of the GB keyboard in the subsequent profile, it came up by default in my key profile additionally. I too had to re-accept the market terms of service and such. As well, Market was not installed on the next profile by default. Had to download market.apk and install it. according to me I am not so satisfied with this app. I was going to buy the pro edition, but it wouldn't allow me purchase it since of some account error .

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    Re: Anyone using SwitchMe Multiboot OS App in his Android Phone

    I will state some features which will be useful in your case. With this application you will be able to boot 2-3 installations of Android on one device. In addition, it also saves all applications and data, which will make it easy to switch back and forth. You can have two profiles on free lite version. It will also prevent privacy for people sharing one phone. You are able to securely share one device among multiple users which is one of the most useful advantages. It also allows you to play online MMOs as different characters.

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