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Thread: How to migrate Office Live to Windows Live

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    How to migrate Office Live to Windows Live

    Hello friends I have a query regarding how to migrate Office Live to Windows Live. Basically I am using OfficeLiveSmallBusiness right now but now as a came to know that Microsoft are shutting down this services and so now I have to migrate to other service. As I am using this account for just person use and some skydrive and I do not using my domain with any websites. As Office Live support have told me to register or in other words I need to migrate my domain to "" to Windows Live Admin Center not only that much they have told me to remove my domain form Office Live and then I need to register to Windows Live. So I just wanted to know whether anyone over here have tried it and if anyone has tried it I would like to know whether it does works or not? And my other concerned is if this is possible then removing my email address from privacy will lock out my account in hotmail or whether the same will be still used by office live.

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    Re: How to migrate Office Live to Windows Live

    Hi I would like you to tell what you have to do, as you would just need to remove the registration from Office Live and after doing so you will again have to register to Windows Live. And yes let me tell you that this will 100 percent work but until and unless you have registered your existing email should be cancelled from Office Live. And if it not been cancelled then the domain email function would not work properly if you have registered on both the services. As soon as it has been cancelled you would have to visit to Please be up to date that the domain administrator has the capacity for doing this work. As admin token or MX record would be created by Windows Live and by using that you will have to configure your domain after doing all this everything will be fine.

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