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Thread: Viewing previews of image files and display the metadata details simultaneously in windows 8 Windows Explorer

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    Viewing previews of image files and display the metadata details simultaneously in windows 8 Windows Explorer

    i liked windows Explorer of windows 7, the way it acted. There are some improvements in windows Explorer of windows 7 than windows xp and it has really improved its looks as well as some additional parts. We were able to view previews of image files as well as display the metadata details at the same time in windows 7 which I liked the most, as you are able to gain a view of both. But what is the case in windows 8. Cant we see it simultaneously. What is the means in which we are able to do the same which I did earlier in windows 7, this is because I am acquitted to this view and mostly perform this sidewise. When I installed windows 8 and saw this view, I was only able to either view a preview of a file, or else view the file details . so what can be the way in which I can simultaneously view them. Any advise in this case. Please help me to make a note of this thing.

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    Re: Viewing previews of image files and display the metadata details simultaneously in windows 8 Windows Explorer

    I totally agree that we all were able to have both views switched on at the same time: as we were able to see a decent preview along with the metadata in Windows 7 Explorer. The same thing can be done in windows 8. I have found some means in which you are able to perform what you desired for. Just chose Details Pane when you select View Tab on the Ribbon. And this tends to be so simple. So according to this procedure, you will be able to view both Preview of the image as well as the interactive Metadata in the similar pane. You will be having some Picture tools with which you are able to get more additional options to display your page.

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    Re: Viewing previews of image files and display the metadata details simultaneously in windows 8 Windows Explorer

    It is rightly said by previous post. If we consider format of windows 7 for a selected file in Windows 7 Explorer, Windows 7 will display Details Pane which exhibits common properties for that file like author, date modifications, along with descriptive tags added to the file at the bottom, you are also able to turn on Preview pane with details pane on for the selected file, but this is not the case with Windows 8. You are able to turn on any one of the pane’s at a time in Windows 8, moreover the Preview pane or else the Details pane. Where details pane comes into view on the right-side of the screen in Explorer window. And if you switch to Preview pane, Details pane will tend to vanish and preview comes into view on the similar place. You are able to switch between Preview Pane and Details pane by clicking “View” tab in Ribbon .

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    Re: Viewing previews of image files and display the metadata details simultaneously in windows 8 Windows Explorer

    There are some features which are removed in windows 8 and same thing which you are looking for . windows 8 have performed some modifications which are not alike windows 7 features. So there are some modifications on the side of windows explorer also. Just have a glance on this info.

    • The command bar in Windows Explorer has been detached in favor of the new Ribbon UI.
    • You will not find status bar in Windows Explorer as it no longer shows free disk space, total size of items without selection, computer zone along with infotip information.
    • As you were concerned to this thing, I need to say that they have removed metadata/property handler for media files in Windows Explorer which indicates that the Details pane won't demonstrate these properties.
    • numerous commands are absent on the Ribbon which were on the Windows Explorer command bar such as Compatibility Files. Windows 8 also is absent of View Remote Printers and so on. and others for special folders along with namespace extensions.
    • Explorer silently combines subfolders in a copy operation, you are not able to select entire subfolders to skip otherwise overwrite.
    • File operations like Rename, Delete can no longer be undone for UAC-protected locations.
    • Explorer status bar eliminates the aptitude to display important details. It is at present a private undocumented control so it also doesn't permit Explorer add ons such as Classic Shell to illustrate information like free disk space, total size of items without selection. You can also consider some more like computer zone, info tip information as it could on a standard status bar control.
    • The aptitude to allow both Details pane as well as Preview pane concurrently in Explorer for display of file metadata as well as preview, or, Details pane to be always shown and only the Preview pane toggled is absent.
    • The "Unblock" button formerly was accessible on the file properties dialog for unblocking downloaded files which was an way in which we were able to remove the NTFS Alternate Data Stream from the downloaded file and it seems to be removed in windows 8.

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    Re: Viewing previews of image files and display the metadata details simultaneously in windows 8 Windows Explorer

    According to me , they have done this to improve maximum user accessibility with the new modified features and process in efficient file manager explore.
    With the new version of windows explorer, they have achieved three main goals.
    1. Optimize Explorer for file management tasks. Return Explorer to its roots as an well-organized file manager along with exposing some hidden gems, those file management commands by now in Explorer that lot of customers might not even know exist.
    2. Create a streamlined command experience. Put the most used commands in the most important fractions of the User Interface so they are easy to locate, in places that make sense and are dependable and consistent. systematize the commands in expected places and logical groupings depending on the context, and present applicable information right where you require it.
    3. Respect Explorer’s heritage. preserve the power and richness of Explorer and bring back the most related , appropriate and requested characteristics from the Windows XP age when the present architecture and security model of Windows allows.

    the ribbon would permit us to generate an optimized file manager where commands would have consistent, logical locations in a streamlined occurrence. The suppleness of the ribbon with many icon alternatives, tabs, flexible layout in addition to groupings in addition ensured that we could respect Explorer’s legacy. So according to them they have designed such an interface as suitable for customers. Regarding View tab , it provides access to alternatives for view customization. They have enabled one-click access for turning on/off the Navigation pane, Preview pane, along with Details pane, a live preview gallery for the diverse icon display sizes, as well offered quick access to sorting and grouping by column, the aptitude to speedily add columns, as well as easy access to three hidden characteristics such as show file name extensions, show hidden items, and hide selected items.

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    Re: Viewing previews of image files and display the metadata details simultaneously in windows 8 Windows Explorer

    Yes, ribbon in Windows Explorer is splendid for one simple reason: it is extremely contextual. Depending on what you are doing, it will demonstrate only alternatives applicable to your context. For instance, if you click on Homegroup, you obtain buttons for sharing libraries and devices, altering your Homegroup settings, viewing the password of the Homegroup otherwise starting the troubleshooter. If you click on Computer, you acquire buttons for mapping network drives Searching in Windows Explorer is very quick and returns improved results when compared with earlier editions of Windows. For instance, running the search in Windows 7, took much time and it return only the name of the folder related to the search term, but not the files which incorporated the search term in their name.

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