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Thread: EXCEL Lookup the same value that has multiple values

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    EXCEL Lookup the same value that has multiple values

    been stumped on this one and trying to find a solution:

    I have 2 rows of data.

    1: 14 14 12 11 10 5
    2: 123 122 119 118 115 111

    need to lookup 14 and return 123 in one cell and 122 in the next cell. all i can do now is 123 123.

    any help or direction would be appreciated. i am able to do this if the data is vertical, but can't convert it to horizontal for some reason.

    here is the code i used when the data was vertical:
    =INDEX($b$1:$b$15,SMALL(IF($a$1:$a$15=I21,ROW($a$1:$a$15)-MIN(ROW($a$1:$a$15))+1,""),COLUMN($B$1)))) ctrl+shift+enter

    thanks in advance!

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    Re: EXCEL Lookup the same value that has multiple values

    I think that the following formulas would work:


    H2 [array formula]:

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