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Thread: iBooks is crashing

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    iBooks is crashing

    I have recently started using iBooks and in my case I have tried downloading it twice, I did not had any issues in downloading it for the first time and I was able to download books using the same and read them as well but then when then for the second time it started crashing, I mean that when I am opening the iBooks then I am able to see the virtual bookshelf for a couple of seconds and then it crashes and after the crash the iPad is dragged back to the home screen, by now I have tried out re syncing and I have also tried deleting and reinstalling iBooks but then that does not seems to be making any difference, I am not having any issues with the iPad, is there anyone who has faced the same and has an idea for solving the issue???

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    Re: iBooks is crashing

    I have started facing the same issue since evening, I had just downloaded a book and was trying to open the same but then as you have described the crash started just after opening the book, I have tried out deleting and reinstalling the iBooks for a number of time like you but then it did not helped, I have been looking after a solution for the same in other forums as well and have found some people mentioning that resetting the iPad has helped them out but then I am really not willing to try out the same as I don’t want to carry out the task of setting up all my apps again just because of the iBooks, I will like to know if there is any other workaround rather than resetting the ipad for getting rid of this issue?? Is there anyone who is aware of any such solution? Any help regarding this will be highly appreciated.

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    Re: iBooks is crashing

    Before I suggest you both something about the same I will like to know the iBooks crash report as it will give me a better idea of the issue that you are facing and I will try to help you out with the same further as well. After the iBooks crash you just have to connect the iPad to the computer and then carry out the sync process and after that you can check out for the crash report in the following location for the respective operating systems:
    • B]Windows XP users:[/B]
      \Documents and Settings\<user name>\Application Data\Apple Computer\Logs\Crash Reporter\Mobile Device\<device name>
    • Windows Vista and 7 users:
      \Users\<user name>\AppData\Roaming\Apple Computer\Logs\CrashReporter\Mobile Device\<device name>
    • Mac users:
      /Users/<user name>/Library/Logs/CrashReporter/MobileDevice/<device name>

    You both can send me the iBooks crash log file via pm, other than this just let me know under what circumstances the crash had occurred, if you both are having this issue with some specific content then better attach ePub file as well, just provide me the requested details for further help.

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    Re: iBooks is crashing

    I am having similar issue but then not exactly the same, in my case the books are appearing to be disappearing or the Ibooks is just terminating the task, I have found that the list of books are working but then when I am opening the bookshelf view then it is appearing empty like it has resulted in crash, I have also found that the issue is with only one book and not will all of the them. I have tried deleting the books one by one and then reading them as well so as to find out the culprit that is causing the issue and after finding out the same I just deleted that book through the itunes and then reloaded it as well and then I was not having the same issue, I think that this issue is commonly with newer Ibooks it appears as if they are less error tolerant, I think that there is some kind of issue with the book cover image as the book shelf having images were not working where as the list was working fine without any issues. I also wanted to share that when I had deleted the books they were still appearing in the bookshelf but then they were not having covers, so later I deleted then from the Itunes as well as the Ipad, I am not sure what is the issue all about but then deleting everything and replacing the cover on suspect epub and then reloading has helped me out, the only thing I found weird here was that after deleting all the books and its preference when I had reloaded and re added books then I was able to see the bookmarks, as far as I am aware they should be stored somewhere else, the solution that I have tried out seems to be fixing out the issue somehow but then has resulted in to some other issues, if anyone want then they can try out the solution that I have tried out for solving the issue but then as I said I am not sure if this is a perfect solution because of the other side effects that I have faced. If anyone fins out any other better solution than this then please share it here, it will be highly appreciated.

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    Re: iBooks is crashing

    I have checked about the same and have found the below solution to be working for those who are getting empty bookshelf when opening the iBooks and then face the crash some seconds, just try it out and then let me know if it is helping:
    • First restart the ipad and then delete all the Books which are there in the iTunes and then Re-sync
    • After the Re-sync process is completed then just restart the ipad again and then delete iBooks app from iTunes and then again perform the resynch but then while doing this make sure that you are not transferring iBooks to the Mac.
    • When you are done until here then restart the ipad one more time and the Re-download iBooks from App Store and then carry out the Re-sync process.

    Once you have completed all these then it should start ok and it should also offer the process for sync to the iTunes Store automatically but then here just chose not for that as there are chances that you will face the same issue even after clearing the suspected faulty PDF from your Books if you chose yes for sync to the iTunes Store. Anyways you both can try out this solution and then post back the result that you get for the same.

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    Re: iBooks is crashing

    You can very well try out the solution that has been mentioned about but then if that does not work then you can try out the below solution, I have already tried out the above solution but then it was not appearing to be making any difference but then after a number of workaround that has been mentioned in other forums as well, I was finally able to solve it out the same issue by the below solutions:
    • If anyone is using email then they can send an email with a PDF file as an attachment to themselves
    • After that open that mail and then check out the attachment and then chose the “open it in iBooks” option
    • Now you can open any books and then use the same again as well.
    • Just try out the same and then let me know what you get after trying this solution.

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    Re: iBooks is crashing

    I think that I can help you out here, I was having the same issue but then now I have solved it out and that too without uninstalling the app and messing the order of the books, actually the issue in my case had started after copying pdf files to the iPad, so when I was trying to open ibooks app after that then I was getting a empty bookshelf for few seconds and then the app used to crash, I had tried out restarting the ipad a no of times but then it was just not making any difference but then after trying out the below solutions the issue was solved:
    • First you will have to find out the file(s) that might be causing the issue they can be books or PDFs
    • So just Plug your device to the Mac and then open the same in iTunes and then Click on "books” which will be in the left side of the Ipad Section.
    • Now you will see the list of your books & PDFs so just select the file(s) that might be causing the issue and after that Right Click on the same and then choose the option to delete the file(s).
    • When you will be done with the same then you will have to perform a regular sync and then the issue will be solved.

    I am quite sure about this solution as I have tried it out myself and it has worked like a charm, just try it out and then post back your result for the same. Hope that helps.

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