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Thread: Excel Autosorting without Macros

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    Excel Autosorting without Macros

    Hi folks,

    I've tried looking for a solution to my problem on the forums but it seems that all suggestions involve macros and for reasons that I will explain I need a solution that doesn't use macros.

    I require a worksheet that sorts itself accroding to 2 columns - 1. Date 2. Alphabetically. I can obviously do this but I would ideally like it to sort itself everytime a new line of data is entered. It doesn't need to be automatic- if there were one button to press to make the worksheet update that would be fine.

    I can't use macros because this document needs to me shared on Google Docs, which won't allow macro enables worksheets to be uploaded.

    Does anybody have a simple solution to this?

    Many thanks

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    Re: Excel Autosorting without Macros

    I think that you just have to add a unique number to each of the names (that is, to their respective value on which you base the sorting). It might be a simple incremental number like 1, 2, 3,.. Even easier, you could use the ROW() function for that.

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