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Thread: Suggestion for uPnP to stream iTunes music

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    Suggestion for uPnP to stream iTunes music

    There is one feature in the iTunes as "Play your music collection from your computer" and I found that, in order to make use of that feature, you will need uPnP software. Can you post with some information about this and if there is some user friendly option which might be free for streaming my itunes collection with this player.

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    Re: Suggestion for uPnP to stream iTunes music

    With EyeConnect software activate your UPnP AV media player in a position to EyeTV programs, digital photos, music and movies captured from your Mac to your TV or stereo system to transfer and play it. Use EyeConnect with digital and a UPnP AV media player to stream the movies, videos, music and photos via network or wireless. The digital data is organized in the same way as on your Mac libraries so that they can find the desired files quickly.

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    Re: Suggestion for uPnP to stream iTunes music

    Windows comes with the Windows Media Player already a UPnP server that is running quite stable. You have this in the settings of the Windows Media Player is enable and specify the directories to be released. For the operation must run the WMP and the media must be contained in the WMP library.

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    Re: Suggestion for uPnP to stream iTunes music

    TVersity is a powerful media server for your PC. After installation, you first configure your firewall so that TVersity can freely send data on the network. After you set up the software. Place all the files, folders or drives freely, you want to distribute the network. Then select the devices that will be streamed on the. After completing these steps, run the appropriate hardware and search for new media servers.

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    Re: Suggestion for uPnP to stream iTunes music

    MediaTomb is a media server UPnP has a simple web interface for administering it.
    • Navigation and playback via UPnP.
    • Extraction of metadata from mp3, ogg, flac, jpeg, etc.
    • Support for Exif thumbnails.
    • Automatic rescan directory.
    • Transcoding ( transcoding ) via very flexible plugins or scripts.

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