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Thread: Need to break this .rar password! help.

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    DeidaraLover Guest

    sad Need to break this .rar password! help.

    I got a rar and it's passworded... someone please help me break it.]
    I tried using "mooey" "Mooey" "" and "mp3s2313"
    How can i break the password?

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    Re: Need to break this .rar password! help.

    At first I was like: "I absolutely don't believe this!!! " because I JUST downloaded these EXACT files about 2 hours ago, too! And I was also searching for the password! (I can see that inside the archive there's a video.rar which is rather big, about 313 MB, plus 12 MP3 files that are just called track01, track02, etc.)

    But now, after clicking the link you posted, I see that this Mooey guy uploaded the same 2 RAR files for different posts on that site. (The one I need a password for is this one - as you see it's a completely different CD.) I bet that this is only a scam. That might also be the reason this guy doesn't name the MP3 tracks. (Also, I don't have a clue why there's this video.rar in it. I wouldn't know about any videos related to this CD...)

    So I guess we were just trolled.
    Which is such a shame because that CD I'm searching for is rather unknown...

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    DeidaraLover Guest

    Re: Need to break this .rar password! help.

    Their are 13 un named tracks, 13 because Carina released 13 tracks. And sometimes in folders, the track itself wont be titled, but in the properties where you can fill out the title there, the track name would be filled. That is most likely the situation here. I do think this is a real file. As when I see how big each of those un-named tracks are, they seem in proportion to a file around 3 and a half minutes long. As for the videos file, I'm guessing Carina released videos for the songs. I can easily buy this album, for $6.00 but I really am not too keen on spending money on music, especially when I can't even get a preview. What you are looking for is however, different, as part1 is 254 mb. Part1 to the Carina file is 257mb. Both may be un named tracks, as that is how some people do it, also these are also common with direct CD rips, the tracks being unnamed.
    Oh, and both files have a 'videos' file in the .rar? That is kinda skeptical...

    I could possibly get those passwords from 'mooey' but, requires me to register. I tried to, and the security question to register is "Who wrote: "Bring me my bow of burning gold: Bring me my arrows of desire.." ?: ... I answered William Blake it tells me incorrect. William Blake is indeed the author of that line. lol. I'm thinking the site in general is a scam...

    Actually ... EDIT I think it's real. Anyone wanting to scam, definitely wouldn't password a scam. lol.
    Oh, and here is another site for your music you wanted,
    You can possibly ask for a re-upload, as it is a broke file.
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    Re: Need to break this .rar password! help.

    I guess you're right. I also found it rather strange that the MP3s all have different filesizes and I bet they're correctly tagged with artist, title, album, etc.

    Thanks for the Gully-Link, I think I'll post a request there. With this Uncle Ho CD it's the same as with your Carina CD: I just don't want to spend any money on it before I've listened to the complete album. (I already own the album that was released BEFORE the one I'm searching for, and I totally love that. But I know that the two albums that were released AFTER the one I'm searching for absolutely suck.) So before I go ahead and spend money on something that might suck, I'd rather download it.

    Oh, I've heard a lot of rumours about being a scam site in general. Also there are quite several complaints about that William Blake question. Maybe the site simply changed the possibility to register at all without telling anyone.

    As for the Carina CD you're searching for: you might want to try to download each file seperately at single file download sites such as this one:

    Just enter track by track and download them. (Of course there'll also be several other sites that serve the same purpose.)

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    DeidaraLover Guest

    Re: Need to break this .rar password! help.

    Heh, I actually did attempt finding the tracks one by one, only one available is "Pain In My Heart" I'm particularly interested in Carina's song "Doctor Doctor" Can't find it! However, I am running a cracking process right now, i'd say it'd be done in maybe a day. But, someone at a frequent forum is buying the CD for me. So, either way, I will get Carina's album, lol. You can post requests for all genres of music at this forum i'm talking about, Some people on there will buy the albums for you, maybe. I am getting mine bought by someone else on there because I post really good music shares, and the genres of music I want bought is the one everyone likes there... so. But they're some really helpful people on there! I noticed, on, every file on there is hosted by mooey and so conveniently, everything is 320 kbps of course... lol, i seriously doubt it's all CD rip quality. And! EVERY file on there is named "mp3s2313" all containing a 'video' file in the .rar. always unnamed tracks, oh and all files are 2parted within the 250mb range for the first volume and in the 100mb range for volume 2. I think I figured out the scam, this guy (mooey) is trying to convince us his files are real, and knowing we'll download them, won't provide any passwords, so we will spend countless hours trying for a password, then somehow we do get it, and the files are either A) a virus. or, B) simply not real... like nonworking audios... or to be funny, C) Audio files equivalent in size to what we want(or not.), but the song is completely not what we wanted, or some audio where theres annoying screeching..(or anything completely absurd.) (lol)

    I was warned on the forum I visit to be very careful when downloading from, that they attempt to steal your account info. (password)

    This is to you 'mooey' ----

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    Re: Need to break this .rar password! help.

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