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Thread: How to save copy on Open and keeping old backup copies?

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    How to save copy on Open and keeping old backup copies?

    I put this on Ozgrid yesterday but it's been over 120 views with no answers, so I'm copying here - y'all are better anyway!
    I've searched over 4 different Excel help forums trying to find a way to do exactly what I want, but I am just not finding it. Could be I'm blind, but ...

    I run a log of television & appliance returns. That's all it is, just a log of all the info. Because it has all the info that I need for the returns (serial, customer, when/if the return was filed, etc.) it is vitally important to my job. I've had to start from scratch once, and I don't ever want to have to do that again! The one thing that I've done a few times is change something & save it, and somehow screwed up everything else - then I can't remember what was what & where. I make changes to this log daily, sometimes several times a day.

    I want the log, titled RA Sheets & Log, saved in C:/Backup/Log Backup-mm/dd immediately upon open. That way, any changes I, or anyone else, make can be easily undone. Ideally, I'd be able to actually have 2 backup folders. One that back up every time it's opened & the other for an automated monthly backup. However, I only actually need the one backup folder, I can make monthly backups myself.

    I would want the last 7 backups in the folder, anything older could be deleted. In the monthly backup I'd want one every month, like on the 1st or whatever.

    Any help y'all could give me is very much appreciated. I am a VERY inexperienced VBA & macro user. Since I'm almost 100% certain this solution will consist of either VBA or macros, or both, I better let you know to please tell me exactly where to put stuff. Telling me to insert a module, for example, is just gonna confuse me. lol

    Again, anything that y'all can do to help is appreciated. Please let me know if you have any questions. Thanks!

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    Re: How to save copy on Open and keeping old backup copies?

    This is all you really need. It will save any file to the same folder but a subfolder named backup (even if it doesn't exist). You really don't need the date, etc. You could put this in the Thisworkbookmodule under workbook_open and/or assign to a button or shape.

    Sub Backup()
    On Error GoTo BackupFile
    MkDir CurDir & "\Backup"
    With ActiveWorkbook
    MyWB = .Path & "\BACKUP\" & .Name
    .SaveCopyAs MyWB
    End With
    End Sub

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    Re: How to save copy on Open and keeping old backup copies?

    Thank you for your help. I'm a little confused though. I put the code in as you directed, saved, closed, opened & closed the document. Went to find the backup but I am not seeing any type of Backup folder. I did find a backup copy, and I suppose I could just move the copy over to the folder, but I do want to keep the last 7 backups - that way I can tell where/how/when a mistake was made if I need to do so. Will this method name the backup copies consecutively or will it write over the last one?

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    Re: How to save copy on Open and keeping old backup copies?

    Have a try with this macro to save current workbook and an incremented backup with date for name. Make alterations to myExt if running 2007 or 2010.........xlsx or xlsm and also change Len(currfile) -4 to -5.

    Sub namebooks_increment()
    ' currfile - 2012-1-3.xls
    ' currfile - 2012-1-3(1).xls
    ' currfile - 2012-1-3(2).xls
    Dim myPath As String, myFile As String, myExt As String
    Dim mySerial, currfile As String
    currfile = ActiveWorkbook.Name
    mySerial = ""
    myPath = "C:\Gordstuff\"
    myFile = Left(currfile, Len(currfile) - 4) _
    & " - " & Format(Date, "YYYY-MM-DD")
    myExt = ".xls"
    ' create output using sequence 1 to n if file already exists
    If Len(Dir(myPath & myFile & mySerial & myExt)) > 0 Then
    Do While Len(Dir(myPath & myFile & mySerial & myExt)) > 0
    mySerial = "(" & Val(Mid(mySerial, 2)) + 1 & ")"
    End If
    'save a backup
    ActiveWorkbook.SaveCopyAs Filename:=myPath & myFile & _
    mySerial & myExt
    'save current workbook
    End Sub
    Just a note............if you wanted all this done on open then call it from Workbook_Open or just change it from a macro to a workbook_open event.

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