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Thread: Microsoft Project 2010 reports with grouping

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    Microsoft Project 2010 reports with grouping

    Your help in answering the following question would be greatly appreciated. I created and applied some filters and grouping in MS Project and have displayed pertinent information in the Resource view that I would like to send to a report. I successfully did this last week, and with great ease, I was able to flip through the different filters and generate a report for each one. Now, every time I preview a report, it is not at all like what I am looking at on the Resource sheet. I have tried many different ones, but they are all devoid of the beautiful groupings that I have applied. How do I get these reports to look a little more like the screen?

    I have attached the report that I made before. I can't figure out how I did it.
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    Re: Microsoft Project 2010 reports with grouping

    There is a Cash Flow Report (Excel PivotTable) that displays the costs and cumulative costs in a bar graph using the data from the time phased PivotTable. There is also a Visio based version of this report available in the Resource Usage Reports group below. From there you can view the it in a proper screen.

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