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Thread: AD and openldap sync

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    AD and openldap sync

    Hi All,

    I have been working on getting Active Directory User Information
    (username/password) to sync with OpenLDAP.
    I have been searching on google but have had no luck on how this can be done bidirectionally.
    I will appreciate if you can share your experiences or input on how to get this done.


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    Re: AD and openldap sync

    You need some guide and better resources to get the most appropriate solution. I just found a faq and Windows server guide for LDAP project. I hope the below attached file and link will surely help you in understanding the process of syncing openLdap with active directory.

    openldap FAQ
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    Re: AD and openldap sync

    Thanks for your response. I was going through the file but it doesnt say anything about openLDAP????

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