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Thread: What is the mystery behind the missing file?

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    What is the mystery behind the missing file?

    Running SP3, I opened My Computer today and recognized that under my drives there's a plain-named, missing-icon file in the folder. I have no clue what it is but it appears as if its a framework file/folder, evidently from Control Panel. In some records I am just able to 'Cut', 'Create Shortcut' and 'Delete.' Cut doesn't in reality cut the index as I'm unable to glue it wherever else subsequently. Make Shortcut endeavors to build a shortcut on the desktop, which then slips up. Beyond any doubt, as demonstrated in picture several, Delete prompts me that provided that I erase it, I could probably restore it later utilizing the Control Panel, but I have no clue what it is. Any plans regarding what this could be? I tried to System Restore to the final couple of restore indicates, every made over the past several days, but both System Restores missed the mark and I'm sure any later ones will likewise miss the mark.

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    Re: What is the mystery behind the missing file?

    Recall that System Restore is not regarding our records. Notwithstanding it will founder provided that we have norton and some alternate explanations. It's been a decade yet the Norton issue rehashes and now I've seeing alternate antivirus product breaks system restore without notice.

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    Re: What is the mystery behind the missing file?

    I don't have Norton. I do, on the other hand, have Avira AntiVir. This project is a unhindered project so I question getting a response about in case they broke a particular role or document. I'm confounded concerning your answer however. I was trusting that someone could confirm what index, envelope or role this as a matter of fact is? I still haven't attempted to erase it yet in light of the fact that I'm still attend to that response.

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    Re: What is the mystery behind the missing file?

    Since you need to exploration Windows Explorer errors and wounds we are able to do that but SYSTEM RESTORE is inconsistent enough that you just trust it works when required. Since you could not reconnoiter AVIRA's communication with System Restore with Google then we have an examination on the most proficient method to exploration such things.

    The regular alter for system restore is to turn it off and back on, since you differ, from this routine call Redmond.

    The backup article in My Computer as showed by Explorer the number one issue I met was from people enhancing with registry cleansing specialists and turning off things like the Plug and Play utility.

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    Re: What is the mystery behind the missing file?

    I quite didn't would like to search for any responses on System Restore, regardless not as of this moment. Really, all I'm in the process of searching for is keys on this mystery file or whatever it might be.

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